Thursday, September 5, 2013


Another reminder of a NOT-SO-GRAND resuscitated EURASIAN GREAT GAME jigsaw geographic puzzle piece concerns Greece, Euro, Russia, GAZPROM, JUST BELOW.

I do and can NOT follow, describe, EVERYTHING globally, so, it is VERY HELPFUL, nice, indeed, to have more than a FEW important items, reminders, highlighted by as many OTHERS as possible.

Much appreciated.

Before reading below, ALSO, it is helpful to remember that former USSR GAZPROM represented a TRUE STATE NATIONALIZED ENTERPRISE and NOT a subsequent morphed semi-private, for-profit, entity; whereupon former USSR GAZPROM supplied CHEAP, INEXPENSIVE, abundant energy, along with ELECTRICITY, and, other public utilities, necessities of life, to ALL its/their citizens and related industries.

CUBA ALSO enjoyed INEXPENSIVE, almost free, OIL supplied by USSR!!

Of course, PRIVATELY CONTROLLING, OWNING and maintaining a circular flow, revolving door, of PETRO/GAS/ENERGY DOLLAR/EURO income revenue stream business and its subsequent investment into major financial corporations like JP MORGAN CHASE, CITIGROUP, being of EQUAL importance, significance, in all equations.

It is a CLOSED, NOT open, economic SYSTEM, requiring ABSOLUTE control of ALL variables.

Butterflies flapping, hiccups, external perturbations, are NOT welcome.

To maintain SYSTEMIC equilibrium, stasis, hostile external developments MUST be "MANAGED," 
a euphemism for ANY AND ALL means necessary, encompassing, but, not limited to, MOST OFTEN, death, force, war, intimidation, coercion, methods of oxymoron "creative destruction."

So, ENJOY, your new found liberation, FREEDOM, independence:

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