Monday, September 2, 2013


I came across following/above connection, link, which piqued my curiosity.

Of equal interest to ME, besides ABOVE, a FEW OTHER names mentioned in a LAWSUIT embedded in BLUE LINK in text below, like, for example, Otto Reich and Betancourt.

OTTO REICH an obvious German name, and, apparently, US Ambassador to Venezuela!!

Unfortunately, I am only able to peruse this information and can add nothing more at the moment, except curiosity.

IF, perchance, one thinks this has nothing to do with my previous subject matter and earlier entries regarding Syria, Mideast,, JUST BELOW, you are SADLY mistaken!!

It represents a sad PATTERN of current imperialist affairs, cut throat competition, NAZI LINEAGE and THEIR BOGUS, UNPRINCIPLED, PAID, HIRED, nominal "LEFT" OPPOSITION, mostly, often, representing one or another PRIVATE economic client, JUST LIKE our US AFL-CIA/SEIU NAZI LABOR PARTNERED UNION mafia, criminal, whores:

Below, website where I found above link, connection, article:

Finally, FYI, a SANITIZED BIOGRAPHY of Reich provided below with MUCH MORE info available on internet IF you care to do some research.
Clearly, something does NOT smell good, kosher, about Reich's biographical narrative:

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