Monday, September 2, 2013


As per MY post, just below, SYRIA a PREDETERMINED DECISION.

Congressional approval a matter of more choreographed finger pointing, SHARED blame game, partisan political dance, change partners and rotate.

Since US and its investment PARTNERS, ALLIES, COMPETITORS, ALREADY at WAR with one another throughout MENASA, and, for that matter, most everywhere on PLANET EARTH, including outer Space, along with ALL major and minor international interests, why not OPENLY declare war!!

Great idea!!


A SINGLE outcome ONLY exists regarding latest US Administration Congressional WAR dance charade.

US Congressional votes exist ALREADY OR SCUMBAG NAZI OBOOMA Administration retains NO credibility whatsoever and might as well RESIGN, ABDICATE POWER, IMMEDIATELY, becoming TOTALLY IMPOTENT, irrelevant, exposed, naked, repudiated, by a HOSTILE CONGRESS!!

Nor is it a dovish, but, the OPPOSITE, a hawkish repudiation, in which ALL to GO FOR THE JUGULAR, here and abroad!!

A declaration of WAR exists EITHER WAY!!

But, IF Congress declares military action of any kind it transforms itself into a collective, communal, LAW OF THE LAND decision, rather than Presidential prerogative, and, ALL necessary developments CAN flow accordingly, POSSIBLY from STATE OF EMERGENCY, HOMELAND SECURITY, MARSHALL/MARTIAL LAW to military draft, etc.

Skies the limit along with economic and political GRAND BARGAIN, price to be extracted for political cooperation, expediency, FOR SURE!!

So, LET THEM ALL GO, by ALL means, let them ALL have their broader regional OPEN conflagration, let them escalate and HAVE TO FIGHT THEMSELVES, since NOBODY addresses THE fundamental, overwhelming, economic interests, principles, questions, issues, HOSTILE OCCUPATIONS, raised in MY many posts, redundantly, just below.

These cowards do NOT even acknowledge or fight their own economic battles, preferring instead to use regional barbarian proxies, surrogates, mercenaries, war and drug lords, covert and overt, dying, fighting, suffering ALL consequences.

Shit or get off the pot!!

Put your money where your mouth is!!

This being an inevitable consequence of, denouement to, ABOVE/BELOW POLICIES of NAZI collaboration, appeasement, partnership, collusion, BIG LIE, etc!!

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