Sunday, September 8, 2013


First, I re-emphasize what previously in earlier posts I asserted, namely, EGYPT MILITARY, in conjunction with most ALL their population, did EVERYONE an HISTORIC service overturning and upsetting a GRAND MENASA NAZI designed HOUSE OF ISLAM applecart and HOSTILE OCCUPATION/TRAJECTORY--more then ALL BOGUS, FAKE, ERSATZ, IMPOTENT, "LEFT," ALLIED, GLOBAL PARTNERED "OPPOSITION, PEACE, ANTI-WAR" APPEASEMENT GROUPS COMBINED!!


A GREAT DEBT OF GRATITUDE OWED TO EGYPT, except, of course, from losers like NAZI ISLAM OCCUPIED Iran, Turkey, IRAQ, and ALL above who help support, invest, apologize for, most current crop of NAZI imposed PSEUDO ISLAM CHARLATANS!!

TURKISH MILITARY, equally challenged by a NAZI PARTNERED ISLAMIC AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises," MUST assert its/their INDEPENDENCE in SIMILAR MANNER as Egypt.

Current events, implications, NOW FLOW directly from RECENT EGYPT MILITARY and POLITICAL INDEPENDENCE, AUTONOMY, UPSET, turmoil, authority, challenges to POWER projection.

Of course, EGYPT not a done deal.


NOR IRAQ (and Iran/Syria) where SAME powers collide head on together in FULL SCALE HOSTILE NAZI economic competition, investment, conflagration and OCCUPATION.

Furthermore, regarding Iraq and US LABOR, CURRENT US OCCUPATION ESTABLISHED IRAQ labor union being TOTALLY ILLEGITIMATE, supplanting, replacing, dissolving, former IRAQ employee and umbrella national Labor Federation.

Additionally, MOST, if not ALL, MENASA energy workers NOT even indigenous, but, imported scab employees from elsewhere.

These NAZI PARTNERED UNIONS MUST receive NO recognition whatsoever.

IN EGYPT, a SIGNIFICANT LABOR DEVELOPMENT follows BELOW from previous posts I did (*one EXAMPLE provided below) on this subject matter, i.e., US covert AFL-CIA/SEIU/ILO STATE DEPT recognition of/to so-called "INDEPENDENT" EGYPT LABOR INFILTRATION/PENETRATION/INFLUENCE PEDDLING:


One can search MY blog with key words for MANY more entries, information, IF you wish.

Last but not least, residing in belly of the beast, home of NAZI OCCUPIED US, an important nascent development as noted in my previous post just below, rapidly escalates becoming an ever widening US LABOR gap, chasm, irreparable DIVIDE, LABOR ANTAGONISM, HOSTILITIES, tip of a huge, gargantuan, long suppressed, simmering, iceberg.

MAJOR US labor battles, I'm quite sure, OPENLY to ensue, a long overdue development, challenging AFL-CIA/SEIU MAFIA/THUG dominated, PARTNERED, OBOOMA PRIVATE HEALTH CARE, PENSION FUND INVESTMENTS, DEBT, STIMULUS policies and more:

And, as postscript, reference, a much earlier 2008 entry I did regarding IRAQ/IRAN CONGRUENCY REGIME CHANGE SCENARIOS:

So, in conclusion, for your entertainment...S.O.S...SEE OUR SYSTEM UNRAVEL BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES!!

"Step right up, Ladies and Gentleman, come in to a large CIRCUS TENT to observe EVENTS and trained contortionists as they collide and COLLAPSE with one another everywhere.
Watch worse laid plans of Nazi rats and men unravel in a labyrinth, byzantine, maze..."

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