Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Continued from previous posts I did on this subject, latest UPDATE on US sponsored INTERNATIONAL labor front group AFL-CIA, ILO, newly minted "independent" EGYPT labor umbrella organization, in reality, representing a NAZI PARTNERED CRIMINAL COVERT INTERVENTION, INFILTRATION, INTERFERENCE, INFLUENCE, PENETRATION, OPERATION, OCCUPATION, as much as any military invasion.

They call this "soft" as opposed to "hard" power, i.e, military intervention.

NOTE domestic ostensible LEFT opposition political parties NAMED in an international covert NAZI PARTNERED EGYPT labor FRONT BELOW.

IF above are NOT expelled, repelled, isolated, repudiated, encircled, quarantined, then, they represent NO OPPOSITION, but, its opposite, CLASS COLLABORATION, division, BETRAYAL, COMPROMISE, etc.

AN EXCERPT FIRST, preceding entire article and link below:

"...Following administrative disagreements, the Pensioners Federation broke away from the EFITU and joined the EDLC. The EDLC had emerged as a labor umbrella group shortly after the establishment of the EFITU. The backbone of the EDLC is the Center for Trade Union and Workers’ Services (CTUWS), a labor rights non-governmental organization. The EFITU, for their part, had objected to a non-governmental organization such as the CTUWS having rights within the organization equivalent to a union, to the CTUWS's receipt of funding from foreign trade union federations (including the US-based AFL-CIO), and to concerns that the CTUWS would act as an intermediary between workers and the authorities..." 



Related, I post, link to, BELOW, a list of US Congressional House Baltic Caucus BIPARTISAN MEMBERS, affiliated to/with, virulent, vitriolic, anti-communist, hate mongering, JBANC organization BECAUSE almost all Democrat members nominally considered, labeled, "progressive, liberal, peace, labor affiliated" candidates, HERE, especially top one, Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, about whom I did many previous posts.

These are names that should/will be familiar to those living here, altho, perhaps not to those abroad, elsewhere.

I need NOT verify, without asking, I am 100% sure, all undoubtedly, enthusiastically, cheerleaders, supporters of, "democracy in the Mideast, Arab Spring," a la THEIR US State Department (President) Hillary Clinton AND THOSE partnered in EGYPT ABOVE:


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