Friday, October 26, 2012


In opposite order from heading above, it seems Mother Nature POSSIBLY bearing down on a most highly populated, dense, approximately 1/6 of US population, 50 million or so, Northeast quadrant this coming week. 

A monster storm calculated to bring major flooding, power outages, coastal beach erosion, etc., with effects for a LONG TIME coming most likely in more rural, suburban, areas and, of course, directly on the coast line itself.

NYC may or may not be in the storm bulls eye BUT NYC is a flood disaster waiting to happen anyway, including eventual global warming sea level rise.

It's not an if but when since 4 NYC boroughs (NOT Bronx), but, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens, artificially divided parts of Long Island, ALL jut into the ocean, islands surrounded by water, at or below sea level more or less, with NONE of their original contours, that is, hills and/or valleys, streams, grassland, trees, remaining.
(Artificially created Manhattan's Central Park does NOT count!)
Manhattan especially just a concrete FLATLAND and basically a DENSE subterranean universe of criss-crossed plumbing, pipes, wires, water, drain, sewer, pipes, subway, transportation, systems, etc.

This may well overshadow nonsensical US s-election charades.
With luck, NOBODY will show up for our US s-election FARCE.

Meanwhile, an historical footnote.

As everyone knows looking at my blog for some time, I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE AND ENJOY mostly political, some cultural, EGYPT illustrations, cartoons, caricatures from one particular Egypt website/publication which I feature from time to time.

BUT, less well known, at least, for sure, here, this particular political "art" form, phenomena, is NOT new to Egypt.

I PERSONALLY have seen many SUCH published caricatures, illustrations, "cartoons," from 1930s, 40s WWII Egypt.

Unfortunately, I do NOT know HOW OR WHERE to find them on the internet.
I tried, but, to NO avail.
I saw SOME, a few, displayed ONCE by someone who was writing, researching, a book.
I do NOT recall WHERE and HOW he located them.
PRESUMABLY, an archive somewhere.
Probably in Egypt, but, possibly somewhere else.
Quite interesting, fascinating and CHILLING to see HOW a POTENTIAL NAZI AXIS EGYPT military invasion, victory, OCCUPATION, was graphically depicted, characterized, AT THAT TIME.

So, I mention this tidbit in HOPES, PERHAPS, someone reading this post can help MAYBE to locate a few of those WWII Egypt anti-NAZI illustrations to which I refer and EITHER forward them to me and/or post with a LINK in comment section.

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