Sunday, October 28, 2012


Minister of Education: Beating students is not a problem
Teacher: Come here.. Don't be scared..



Between folks above and SUPREME historical illustrator George Grosz NO lack of EXCELLENT, SUPERB, caricature exists. 

Above illustration applicable for LOTS more purposes than a particular commentary for which it is designed and intended. 

As for a vomit factor, I refer to our most current, sickening, nauseating, US NAZI choreographed, sanitized, Presidential/Fuhrer s-election campaign dance charade of change places and rotate musical chairs.

I am by all means NOT the ONLY person who simply can NOT stomach, tolerate, hearing, seeing, ANY more of our most CURRENT stable of NAZI TRASH, including their corporate sponsors, paraded as legitimate.

I know plenty of people who become viscerally sick at the sight of ANY of them pontificating, exhorting, screaming, screeching, demagoguery, whatever, and, by the way, seeing BOTH German and US corporate  logos and their pervasive clones.

When surveys are taken, they NEVER measure, report, on a VOMIT FACTOR.
I'm sure, IF they did so, it would be ASTRONOMICALLY HIGH, as high as THEIR OWN manufactured DEBT, why they do NOT survey for obvious reason!!

Then, on top of it all, I have to hear/see ERSATZ, FAKE, BOGUS, i.e., US anti-Communist LIBERAL LEFT, who continue plying their daily trade, careers, trashing Stalin, USSR, "dictators," (which includes most everyone ever overthrown), etc., while simultaneously lamenting, whining, commiserating, about such a sad state of US affairs and "democracy deficits!!"

They are enough to make anyone and everyone puke and deservedly get that to which they CONTINUE contributing and mythologizing so much.

Now, for my small contribution, alittle something extra, commemorating official WWII GREEK OXI DAY:


An oncoming US East Coast NATURAL DISASTER, a tropical storm, over which much hoopla at the moment with some POSSIBLE DISPLACEMENT, inconvenience, PALES in COMPARISON TO REAL HUMAN SUFFERING and DISPLACEMENT FROM GRATUITOUS MAN MADE WARS, calamities, such as that depicted ABOVE and BELOW, at the end, bottom, of my post.

I link to a WWII historical lecture video.

SPECIFIC, DETAILED, ITEMIZED, NAMED financial and industrial CAPITAL SPONSORS, causes, reasons, elaboration of/for/by NAZI OCCUPIED GERMANY/EURASIA NOT presented in lecture below.

Nonetheless, he does present certain major, pertinent, salient, WWII MILITARY FACTS, STATISTICS.
WWII, as both HE and everyone know, being a VOLUMINOUS subject, its strategic military theatre alone mind boggling.
So, bearing that in mind, I present his lecture NOT for what he omits, which is plenty, but, what he does manage to encapsulate, highlight, instead.
He is, after all, presenting only a cursory introductory lecture with an emphasis on the US.

By way of one more further introduction, in addition to Greek OXI DAY, I quote from a now deceased acquaintance of mine, Aaron, from HIS perspective as former lowly WWII US grunt, soldier, veteran, but, fluent in German, in NAZI occupied Germany/EUROPE, who, a few years back, before he died, obviously, characterized CURRENT Mideast events, particularly Iraq AND Greece, as "...skirmishes, prelude, to war..."

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