Friday, October 12, 2012


Dozens of Ultras Ahlawy protest in front of headquarters of Sports Ministry, 2 October 2012, against return of the Premier League football season.

I repeat, Muslim Brotherhood are a NAZI manufactured Frankenstein monster creation with Saudi (ROCKEFELLER SAUDI ARAMCO/CITIGROUP/EXXON/MORGAN), IMF, backing, as one easily verifies at numerous websites by their economic program.

HOWEVER, I ALSO believe from what I can ascertain via public source, our NAZI Axis represented above wants/needs to eliminate ANY potential threats from someone such as Egypt SCAF GENERAL TANTAWI, as in Turkey, who APPEARS, unlike Mubarak, NOT to go along with THEIR PRIVATIZATION program.

Dissension, or, possible General NASSER or KEMAL ATATURK type revolution, wild card, a politicized military either advancing, supporting, NATIONALIZATION, and/or, OPPOSING, impeding, inhibiting, competing with, ANY or ALL parts of THEIR monopoly cartel privatization agenda, including military alliances, etc., being something they can NOT afford.
So, it APPEARS TO ME SCAF General Tantawi being singled out as a target, as in ALL similar cases, like Iraq Saddam Hussein, etc.
A similar PATTERN.

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