Thursday, October 25, 2012


An above/below minor article, report, event, caught my attention.

I really LAUGHED OUT LOUD hysterically when I saw/read this.

Another out of a PLETHORA of COVERT, CIA, US career academic OPERATIVES, FRONTS.

Nice photo of Chomsky sitting before a LARGE US SIGN, because, THAT, PRECISELY IS WHOM AND WHAT CHOMSKY REPRESENTS, despite denials.

Variations on a rococo theme.

Chomsky ALWAYS more or less pontificates on SAME topic, NEVER takes questions directly from an audience, DETESTS, HATES, VILIFIES,  FORMER USSR as an "EVIL EMPIRE!!"
(I quote exactly his words, description!!)

Chomsky, by the way, also categorically RULES OUT, INVALIDATES, "CONSPIRACY THEORIES" contradicting officially sanitized fictional explanations, versions, such events as a Kennedy Assassination coup, 9/11 Reichstag Fire, cover ups, etc.
Thus, he is very useful to the Regime, Establishment, as an "expert witness" opposition.

Additional to intellectual ideologue, guru, Chomsky MAY function ABROAD as a mule, carrier, for messages, instructions, contacts, and/or money, like twin sister US AFL-CIA labor union whores.
Can not entirely rule out more than one state sponsored function.

In other words, one more out of a US stable of ANTI-COMMUNIST Left bogus Opposition academic ideologues, intellectuals, covert ops.
ONLY 2 evils Chomsky manages  CONSISTENTLY to find are here and Israel, his favorite whipping boy and subject matter.

What would he/they, the NAZI manufactured fake, ersatz, bogus Left/Opposition, do without an EQUALLY NAZI manufactured ZIONIST State of Israel, a Jewish conspiracy, to explain EVERYTHING happening in the Mideast and around the globe??
They would have to invent one--and--viola, they DID!!

Next, Chomsky is a Linguistic Professor at "prestigious" Massachusetts PRIVATE academic institute MIT, notoriously funded and connected with MILITARY research, contracts, MONIES.

Existential contradictions??
What, which, contradictions, coincidences??

Chomsky's LINGUISTIC THEORIES, bona fides, legitimacy, being highly suspect, questionable, dubious, challenged by MANY in his OWN field, having reintroduced a priori notions of inherent linguistic categories.

Then, Chomsky publishes prolifically political books.
A ONE and ONLY time I heard him questioned about HOW he manages this gargantuan feat with a full time job, he admitted to the fact he has HELP from some, most likely, "indentured," graduate students and perhaps others in this matter AND more or less his books are REDUNDANT.

So, here you have a nice representative of pathetic US OPPOSITION, such as it is.
A glaring, shining, example, expression, of a NO PRINCIPLED, himself manufactured, opportunistic, career, obsequious, self-serving, NO US CLASS Opposition.

Chomsky/this/the US is a great big JOKE, GLOBAL LAUGHING STOCK, caricature of himself, themselves.

How does anyone take this stuff and these people seriously??:

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