Monday, October 1, 2012


Presidential Magic


*We love the president, we'll vote for him again!!*

As appetizer, my/their editorial commentary, above, applicable to US/HERE, as well.
I form an enthusiastic fan club of one for them.
They rock!!


Part and parcel of above, related, another oxymoron NAZI named ISLAMIC DEMOCRACY conference:

On to main dish, a three course meal.

Feast your collective eyes upon an upcoming, scheduled, eerie, spooky, international "spatial" defense conference set for January, 2013, (after non-event US NAZI Presidential s-election charade) in London.
Peruse carefully:

For dessert, following appetizers and main meal above, latest from JBANC (Joint Baltic American National Committee/Caucus), another one of many shining, illustrious, examples of US NAZI OCCUPIED BIPARTISAN CONGRESSIONAL legislation, committees, action, camaraderie, and, WHY I say I live in a mirror image, upside down, inverted, topsy-turvy, surreal, absurd theatre and void, ALICE IN WONDERLAND THROUGH A LOOKING GLASS DARKLY, NAZI OCCUPIED DICTATORSHIP.

Not rose colored, but, very, very, dark tinted eye glasses through which one must squirm and squint to focus on completely distorted, contorted, elastic, disjointed, PATHOLOGICALLY DERANGED, DELUSIONAL, pictures of reality.

Does not get much better than above and below combined along, of course, with a simultaneous raging MENASA WAR, battle ZONE, real life horror theater of atrocities galore.

In PAST posts I highlighted activities of THIS most pernicious, insidious, ghoulish, vitriolic, poisonous, toxic, hate filled, anti-Communist, US Congressional Committee and their affiliated JBANC organization, but, nonetheless, THEIR latest venomous vituperative re-emphasized, featured BELOW:

After ingesting such meals, you might suffer from severe indigestion and need an over the counter or other anti-inflammatory medication.

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