Friday, October 19, 2012


Who's The Infidel of Them All?

Artist:  Mohamed Anwar

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
You're the infidel of them all.
Now get out

By way of introduction ABOVE from my favorite source:

Simultaneous to/with an ongoing EGYPT revolt, insurrection, response to OUR Arab Spring imposed NIGHTMARE, latest on PROPOSED, threatened, GREEK PRIVATIZATION PLANS:

A GREEK style OXI answer, response, with THEIR militant STRIKES and PROTESTS:

Meanwhile, be forewarned, advised, a delegation of rotting, stinking, US LABOR AFL-CIA covert operative corpses, front groups, NAZI COLLABORATIVE SCUMBAGS, WHORES, PIMPS, PROSTITUTES, ALL, are on their way to BASRA southern IRAQ.

Try NOT laughing out loud hysterically- for an IRAQ "NONVIOLENT" CIVIL SOCIETY conference!!

Of course, they ALWAYS bring with them instructions and MONEY, or, promises, guarantees, as EVERYWHERE.

So, no doubt, their sudden Basra, Iraq, visit, timing, is NOT coincidental and has much, everything, to do with IRAN OCCUPIED IRAQ SISTANI-SHAHRISTANI BAGHDAD OIL MINISTER versus KRG, SYRIA, EXXON declared bombshell, Iraq/Iran war, KILLING FIELDS, etc.

So, I anticipate POSSIBILITIES for some sort of South Iraq labor strike, strife, and/or, improvised, coordinated, "civil disobedience Arab Spring" to help facilitate THEIR objectives.

Having dismantled FORMER IRAQ STATE LABOR UMBRELLA ORGANIZATION immediately UPON US OCCUPATION, arrival, our covert US labor operative, State Dept, arm, lackey, AFL-CIA FRONT GROUP, established an equally BOGUS Iraq Oil LABOR UNION with whom OUR AFL-CIA partners, collaborates, cooperates, many or some of whom, apparently, not even of Iraq origin.

As everywhere, from Poland to South Africa to Egypt, Tunisia, MENASA, our US AFL-CIA FRONT group helps FACILITATE PRIVATIZATION for MAJOR CORPORATIONS, DISMANTLE and destabilize former STATE institutions, regimes, and, are amply rewarded for THEIR service to NAZI EMPIRE:

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