Thursday, July 29, 2010

John Kolesidis/Reuters
Protesting truck drivers outside the Ministry of Transport in Athens on Thursday

Continuing my very hasty ALERT, just below, yesterday evening.
Another quick entry.
Reporting from my favorite English language roving Greek journalist whomever is/are Taxikipali, I ASSUME, a pseudonym.

Perhaps not?

Anyway, here is Taxikipali.
The photo above reproduced, lifted, from a different link/website below Taxikipali.
First, Taxikipali:


Then, more at this website, including photo above and some others:


In my very hurried Greek ALERT, just below, I did NOT excerpt and HIGHLIGHT from the link I utilized what I deemed in it the most IMPORTANT paragraph and MESSAGE, but, I will do so now, instead:

"...Should George Papandreou’s PASOK government decide to enlist the help of the military after all, it will put an end to the blockade and send a very strong message to other groups who may be getting ready to employ similar tactics to the truck drivers..."



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