Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today, when I opened my e-mail inbox TWO labor related items appeared, side by side, so to speak.

So, I reproduce them below in FULL because, first, I cannot find them on the websites EXACTLY as they appear on my e-mail communique, AND, second, when taken together, side by side, they so amply demonstrate the grotesque theater of the absurd, house of mirrors, inverted world, in which Alice lives in her NAZI Homeland Wonderland, Through a Looking Glass Darkly.

First, an update below regarding California's David and Goliath labor struggle, i.e., NUHW versus Obooma partnered SEIU.

MY emphasis in BOLD AND RED below:
(In case you are unfamiliar with it, NLRB=National Labor Relations Board, a Federal government agency):

"This week, NUHW held discussions with SEIU and the NLRB regarding Kaiser workers’ request for elections covering 45,000 employees. Throughout these discussions, SEIU officials have continued to try to block elections for three of the four “bargaining units” of Kaiser workers who last month filed election petitions.

Last week, SEIU officials tried to turn an NLRB hearing into a media stunt by demanding that NUHW sign a “stipulation agreement” that would have allowed elections to take place in just one of the four bargaining units. When NUHW predictably rejected the proposal, SEIU officials launched a PR effort that falsely claimed that NUHW – rather than SEIU – was refusing to hold elections for Kaiser workers.
SEIU has tried to spread these false claims to workers, even though SEIU officials have spent the past 18 months blocking elections for approximately 100,000 workers.
On Wednesday, in an important election development, the NLRB indicated that voting will be conducted by mail-in ballots sent to workers’ homes rather than onsite voting at Kaiser facilities.
NUHW backed the vote-by-mail balloting method in order to provide greater privacy to workers, who’ve faced widespread intimidation by SEIU organizers inside Kaiser facilities.
On July 16th, for example, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge issued a second and lengthier restraining order against SEIU organizer Tiffany Ford for threatening to kill two workers at Kaiser Baldwin Park Medical Center.

SEIU, during formal discussions with the NLRB, had proposed onsite balloting at Kaiser facilities.

NUHW website:

Next, I received the following appeal emanating from our ersatz institutional class representatives, our AFL-CIA umbrella organization and SEIU led US Labor Against War, USLAW, and Obooma/Democratic partnered constituency, which, by the way, plans to spend, invest, squander MANY MILLIONS more of their enslaved workers hard earned DUES MONEY for November's upcoming mid-term election campaign.
What the below tells me and should tell you confirms that which I have said all along about Shahristani and Iran's Mullah Sistani, Ahmadimoron demise.
These people are an arm, they operate in CONJUNCTION with, US State Dept, CIA and official government policies.
THEY ARE PARTNERED OPERATIVES, FRONT GROUPS, as they were and advertise so PROUDLY in Poland's Solidarity and elsewhere throughout all former countries of the USSR, China, etc.
Notice, interestingly, HOW information given below is PHRASED and presented, what is and is not said, which/what facts are conspicuously absent, missing, omitted, distorted, etc.
BUT, it gets much better than that which you will read below, the e-mail I reproduced.
If you click the LINK directly UNDERNEATH it, at the bottom, you will see a much more lengthy appeal, which is why I did not reproduce it, from which they extracted the following abbreviated e-mail.
The heading on the original, longer piece, is a doozy, a beauty.
It is one giant, propaganda piece, including their unmitigated chutzpah, audacity, about privatization, not to mention the occupation's IMMEDIATE dissolution of Iraq's previous and official umbrella union AFFILIATED with the Communist WFTU, rather than their present NAZI ILO front group, but, IF you are stupid enough NOT to know anything, you fall for it hook, line and sinker.
And, of course, it was none other than Munir CHALABI who WAS, do not know IF still, their former, Iraq LIAISON.
I guess this represents THEIR, USLAW, Iraq version of OUR medical insurance "public option" advocated red herring proposal, diversion, stimulus, TARP giveaway, etc.:

"USLAW just learned that Iraqi troops and police have raided the offices of the Electricity Union all across Iraq as they execute a new decree issued by the Minister of Electricity (who is also the Minister of Oil). That anti-union decree is the latest in an escalating series of measures designed to incapacitate and destroy the Iraqi labor movement.

The unions of Iraq have called upon the labor movement of the world to respond to this outrageous assault on worker rights.

USLAW has designed a very easy process by which you can generate a protest message to Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki, the Minister of Oil/Electricity al-Shahristani, Iraqi ambassadors in the US, other Iraqi officials and have copies sent to Secretary of State Clinton. It will take just a few minutes of your time. Please demonstrate your personal solidarity with our courageous sisters and brothers in Iraq. Send the message we have drafted or modify it to send your personal message. When you have finished, you'll have an opportunity to forward this appeal to others."




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