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Swaleh and Arif Masood NAQVI

Something piqued my curiosity for quite awhile but I have been UNable to ascertain IF both people named above are related.
It remains as much a riddle to me as the Sphinx, I am afraid.

As you will see, in a link below, Naqvi is a fairly common name.

But, Swaleh Naqvi was a co-founder of BCCI (abundant articles appear about Swaleh, some at the bottom of the following link).
The only personal information about Swaleh I have found repeatedly use a phrase to the effect Swaleh is a "shy or reclusive banker," telling me nothing.
BUT, Arif Masood Naqvi, it so happens, also, is Chief CEO of Abraaj Capital and thus another KINGPIN in Hamid Jafar's sprawling Abraaj, Dana Gas/Crescent Oil octopus and burgeoning empire.

In turn, ALL were operatives connected to/with NAZI protege Henry Kissinger and former BCCI, Italy's BNL, amongst other NAZI notables I mention in previous posts:


Below is Arif Naqvi's entry in Abraaj, and you can browse at other infamous name connections on Abraaj's website:


I continue finding it most curious that NOBODY except myself appears to note THE most powerful name at Iraq's epi-center of volcanic, calamitous, betrayal and the previous and present well-connected and profitable Hamid Jafar and Jafar family dynasty role.


And, now, a word about Antofagasta Minerals.

It seems a small point, but, I need to clarify it. 

First, Antofagasta is NOT small.
It is a LARGE, global company, LISTED both in London and NY. 

My interest in Antofagasta precipitated from John Helmer's article, to which I will link at the bottom, in which he itemized Antofagasta as, an ancillary fact, a BRITISH/UK company.

FOR SURE Antofagasta is CHILEAN and one of Antofagasta's important copper/gold mine happens to be located in a contested area of southwest Pakistan, Balochistan, Reko Diq, near the Iran/Afghan border.

Chile's Luksic Group/family, as you will read below, is the controlling shareholder, interest, owner in Antofagasta.
So, here is the info, first, regarding CHILE Antofagasta:

The above website has a direct link to Antofagasta, nonetheless, here it is with some redundancy from above:

And, here's a report about Chile's Antofagasta now partnered with Canada's Barrick Gold in southwest Pakistan's Reko Diq copper/gold mine:



And, Helmer piece to which I refer above:


MY CLINCHER to the Antofagasta morality story above and why it represents such a BIG DEAL.

CHILEAN ANTOFAGASTA WAS ANACONDA COPPER which was NATIONALIZED BY CHILE'S former SALVADOR ALLENDE in the early 1970's, then SUBSEQUENTLY OVERTHROWN IN A VIOLENTLY ORCHESTRATED, BRUTAL, BITTER, TRAUMATIC 1973 COUP memorable, unforgettable, indelibly seared in the minds of all alive at the time no matter what their age, replete with obligatory NAZI orchestrated torture techniques and the disappeared!:


Further, if you happen to be wondering about Chile's Luksic Group background CROATIAN family name, here's alittle sanitized history about them, including their relationship with active, enthusiastic NAZI supporter Henry Ford:



Meanwhile, as for NAZI Iran's Ahmadimoron-Sistani-Iraq Baghdad Oil Minister son-in-law Shahristani power grab regime, I indicated, sometime back, a foregone conclusion--they are DEAD.
Dead as a doornail.
Dead like Hitler's Brown Shirts.

An international noose systemically tightens around them, both covert and overt.
Already they are and will continue being economically, politically and militarily strangled, neutered, checkmated, suffocated, isolated, encircled, quarantined, sanctioned, decapitated, ultimately to be SUPPLANTED, replaced by another NAZI regime, i.e., Morgan Stanley First Persia Fund, Parsian and THEIR international NAZI clientele, such as those above.  

Militarily speaking, Iran's present NAZI Ahmadimoron-Sistani-Shahristani militia thugs and Revolutionary Guards are pipsqueaks, occupying Iraq THANKS ONLY TO UNITED SUCKERS AND ASSHOLES MERCENARY ARMY and TAXPAYER DOLLARS.  

Their power lies on the ground in regional leverage and the mischief they can make.

But, United Suckers and Assholes President (Secy of State) Hillary Clinton globe trots, bargains, wheels and deals to make sure Iran's present NAZI two bit upstart regime leverage disappears and/or is dissipated, checkmated, quarantined.
Hillary is a well informed enemy FORMIDABLE.
It is just a matter of alittle more time now.
And, apparently, from some reports, international UN "peacekeeping" TROOPS in Iraq to safeguard all those newly RE-privatized investments!


In anticipation of the above, another one out of the many proliferating private MENASA investment agencies, this time established offshore in the British Virgin Islands as an IRAN "Turquoise Fund."
Again, one must open the prospectus provided in the link below:

Thus, ending this Arabian one thousand and one nightmare, bedtime tragedy, story. 
ALL to enjoy a happy, revived experience of a transformed, greater, PRIVATIZED, still very much Arab, Middle East speculative bubble and their/its new found "liberation." 
ALL opportunists now waiting patiently or impatiently in the wings, presenting themselves one way or another as so-called opposition, will suddenly find victory, reemerge out of the woodwork and reinvent careers in newly liberated, but, privatized, Iraq and greater Middle East.

Finally, in conclusion, "Ozymandias":


For those drowned in modern day commercial garbage, with absolutely NO reference frame whatsoever regarding Shelley, I offer to THEM a gratuity, an enticement, a generalized, neutral wiki introduction from which, hopefully, to begin a rewarding journey:


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