Sunday, May 1, 2011



Below a MAY DAY photo emanating from South Korea.
It's the best I could find at the moment due to time differential between here and there.
MORE COMING as the day progresses.
Expect NOTHING here.
MAYDAY, MAYDAY, also happens to be an INTERNATIONALLY recognized naval and air code signifying DISTRESS, urgency, emergency, alarm requiring immediate attention.
An appropriate symbolic double entendre in this instance:

Leaders of the Korean Confederation of Trade ...



Against a MAY DAY, MAY DAY backdrop, an OBSCENE report emanating from Libya that Gaddafi's son and grandchildren killed beneath a NAZI TRANSATLANTIC ORGANIZATION, i.e, NATO, bomb.
More NAZI OBSCENITIES, ATROCITIES, follow, delineated below.


A NAZI GLOBAL "BUSINESS" SCHOOL, INSEAD, of course, located in the GCC Abu Dhabi as well as campuses in Europe, US, Asia.

Needless to say, INSEAD being affiliated with a so-called "prestigious," private, lucrative, profit making US University of Pennsylvania WHARTON Business School and "educational research" conglomerate.
INSEAD connected also with another highly lucrative, PRIVATE, NAZI collaborative US University, HARVARD, of Iraq Memory Circle and Merchantbridge fame.

I highlight a particular INSEAD article below for special reason, but, search their website for more.
If you want another NAZI winner, check out INSEAD equally concocted and faculty affiliated, well advertised, "Blue Ocean Strategy" publication reminiscent of Barnett, "The Pentagon's New Map."
All represent SANITIZED NAZI ideology, similar to Islamic Finance, FRONT GROUPS dressed up in euphemistic, obscurantist, manufactured, neutralized academic verbiage and jargon.
Following along this vein, the article I select below creates an entirely new ARABIC/English word, "Hawkamah," to express his/their equally concocted retrograde, reactionary NAZI ideology:


Antithetical to a Blue Ocean survival, however, it seems Brazil's PETROBRAS now amongst proliferating PRIVATE energy companies drilling THE VERY DEEPEST and OUT into our currently nice, more or less, BLUE Atlantic Ocean for gas/oil like former Atlantic Gulf of Mexico/US BP gusher.
Brazil's PETROBRAS having the largest, latest, state of the art, GLOBAL deep sea energy drilling platform.
Isn't that a reassuring note for a Blue Ocean planet survival??!!
PRIVATE ENERGY COMPANIES like BP, EXXON also back in profitable business in our Blue Atlantic Ocean Gulf of Mexico waters.
BP, EXXON, Royal Dutch SHELL, Norway's DNO energy majors well represented, as well, in Iraq, along with others.
It is ESTIMATED ROUGHLY HALF current HIGH oil, energy, PRICE yields PROFIT!!
How many more suckers and assholes does it take to fill a country than those presently residing here??
We don't need religious Fundamentalists.
They voluntarily beat up themselves every day in every way here thanks to a NON-existent, institutionalized, organized class opposition, namely, our NAZI LABOR UNION whores, prostitutes and their Democratic business PARTNERS.

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