Monday, May 30, 2011


I have only a few minutes.
Supposedly, today, Memorial Day, represents a national holiday in NAZI OCCUPIED UNITED SUCKERS AND ASSHOLES DICTATORSHIP celebrating, remembering, ostensibly, sacrificed, fallen soldiers during wartime, especially WWII.
I will NOT bother pointing out present day cynical hypocrisy, jingoism, lies, etc.
It is obvious.
Instead, as a counter weight, I WILL HONOR those who DID FIGHT valiantly, bravely, stoically, heroically in WWII and saved US ALL FROM FURTHER HORRIFIC NAZI BARBARITIES, ATROCITIES, NAMELY, THE FORMER USSR, SOVIET RED ARMY.
I believe the USSR lost, sacrificed, approximately half of all WWII dead victims, representing a figure around 30 or 35 million out of a total 6o million casualties, IF I remember facts correctly.
The figure above NOT including countless more wounded, tortured, barely alive, disabled, maimed for life, displaced, etc.
An epic.
This history being much too dense, I can only make honorable mention, note it, in a short post.

So, instead, I thought I would highlight just two wonders of the Soviet Red Army arsenal--their T-34 tank AND Kalashnikov Rifle, both of which helped CHANGE WWII AND THE COURSE OF HISTORY.
Here's a quick, very hurried reference, SNIPPET, about the Soviet Red Army T-34 tank.
You are on your own regarding the Kalashnikov, a WORLD RENOWNED Soviet rifle to this day:

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