Friday, May 20, 2011


Thanks to another website to which I will credit, below, for this refreshing, entertaining and simple reminder from years past.

Of course, not stated in the video below, COLLECTIVE OWNERSHIP, NATIONALIZATION, TRANSFORMED PUBLIC UTILITIES from PRIVATELY HELD natural resources and industries NEVER happens under a morphed capitalist FASCIST, NAZI, IMPERIALIST electoral, "democratic" STATE apparatus, system such as that we experience currently here.
Intentionally perpetrated mass illusion, delusion.

Aristocracy will/does NOT permit its own exclusive PRIVATE PROPERTY rights, privileges, laws, to be liquidated, eliminated, dissolved, annihilated through ANY electoral system they make, own and control themselves.
Enough caveat said for the moment.
ENJOY a very entertaining short video below:


Here's the website from which I retrieved the above video link:


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