Monday, May 16, 2011


True enough, stated below, exactly why NOBODY plans leaving the Middle East anytime soon.

Indeed, the opposite as destabilizing covert operatives, coups, regional surrogates AND military confrontation ESCALATES, EXPANDS to engulf everyone and everything soon.
The Iraq/Middle East NAZI Big Bang alluded to below ripples OUTWARDS, not limited to Iraq, encompassing everyone, economically and politically, AIDED, ABETTED AND ASSISTED BY SELF-DESTRUCTIVE DENIAL, COLLABORATION, COOPERATION ALL DIGGING THEMSELVES DEEPER INTO A NAZI SUICIDAL RAT AND SINK HOLE, an explosive point of no return.
By the way, I have a question for a not veiled, promised threat, below.
Does it/he/they mean to include, encompass, PRIVATIZING Iraq traitor extraordinaire JAFAR family dynasty, octopus of DANA GAS/ABRAAJ/CRESCENT OIL fame, Merchantbridge, ET. AL., as well?
Or, is THAT/THEIR program excluded from below, ongoing??:



As for IMF chief, Dominique Strauss, OBVIOUS SETUP and sudden fall from grace, like our previous FICTIONAL OSAMA BIN RISEN cadaver, like that of Christ, assassination, the question arises, again, WHY NOW and WHO PROFITS??
I can't answer either question above for sure, but, it seems to me obvious speculation includes recent Greek events, their potential debt default, restructuring crisis, EU, EURO disintegration, Greece's militant labor and civic response, confrontations, insurrection and impasse.
The timing and exposure of Strauss's provocation cannot help be related.
The question then becomes, what purpose does it serve?
Is the Strauss fiasco, charade, mere window dressing, diversion AWAY from the many disasters looming above, buying time, political ploy, a fall guy?
Who becomes IMF chief NEXT??
The latter MAY be a very important part of the answer.
Another NO HOPE AND SMALL CHANGE IMF candidate, perhaps??
By the way, I don't know if anybody around here happens to notice it, but, NAZI US DEMOCRATIC NO HOPE AND CHANGE CANDIDATE OBOOMA ADMINISTRATION EXPONENTIALLY, SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED from his/their NAZI BUSH predecessor regime ONLY 2 hot wars to a virtual panoply of war fronts juggled simultaneously.
It's really difficult to keep track of our burgeoning war front.
One loses count, so many exist now, under numerous euphemisms.
War by any other name being war.

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