Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Middle East/North Africa NAZI colonial, imperialist, reactionary PRIVATIZATION enterprising wars and destabilizing confrontations continue escalating, mounting.

Now comes a not surprising following Israel announcement, above/below, inexorably intertwined by extension to all else occurring regionally:



Another well connected Israel energy company pops up, added to the mix, GULLIVER ENERGY, rising from the ashes of our NAZI resuscitated cesspool:


A brief background reminder about interwoven characters mentioned above, part of GULLIVER ENERGY, like TSHUVA, who, last I read, PARTNERED with GINKO, and, also of Israel Bank Hapoalim background fame.
GINKO being a "privately" held company, a listing of their investors, Board, shareholders, etc., is NOT publicly available on their website:


AND from previous Bank Hapoalim fame:



Another equally murky, mushrooming Israel energy company, ZION OIL AND GAS, established in 2007.

I did a few posts earlier noting ZION Oil and Gas in my FIRST blog, now blocked from public view.

Anyway, before reading a brief background link concerning ZION Oil and Gas, first note their CURRENT MAJOR SHAREHOLDER AND INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR list--CLICK ONTO HEADING "INSTITUTIONS" at top to read:


Keeping the above information in mind, I suggest you ignore religious and ideological baggage and mumbo-jumbo in the link following below.
ZION Oil and Gas utilizes such verbiage describing themselves.

Focus, instead, on the nature and character of ZION INVESTORS as listed above as the company's real purpose, intent, the rest being but ideological window dressing, camouflage, garbage.

ZION Oil and Gas incarnation and promotion being considered by many to be an investment scam, a black hole, producing absolutely nothing.
I disagree.

That is and will be true only IF ZION cannot secure its large capital investment via energy market share, like TSHUVA versus EMG battle.

The outcome of such commercial, market competition being based upon political and economic factors, influence peddling, graft, coercion, corruption, war, military, etc.
Therefore, based on ALL information in the links above about ZION and Israel, I think ZION LIKELY to be a winner in this contest.
To explain my reasoning, argument, I recapitulate, regurgitate some information I posted many times over.
Gas and oil are UBIQUITOUS substances on planet Earth, manufactured deep within the earth's core, below the mantel, by processes I do NOT fully understand myself, the SCIENCE of oil and gas remaining a mystery to me.
For sure, however, neither have fossil origins.
Peak oil is/was a completely bogus theory advanced by energy companies through auspice of their numerous shills and front groups.
The above facts being well known by the energy industry for some time.
It is not by accident, coincidence, but, design, proliferating, deep, offshore and onshore energy "discoveries" subsequently became announced and made in all these many places ONLY upon, after, USSR dissolution, NAZI counter-revolution and concomitant PRIVATIZATION.
Previously throughout the Middle East, North Africa, USSR, allied nations, energy was a NATIONALIZED industry.
No such "discoveries" pronounced and made THEN.
I had numerous posts about this matter in earlier entries.
The issue thus becomes DEEP, NOT PEAK, oil and gas.
Gas and oil may lie percolating and bubbling beneath the planet's surface mantel everywhere, but, it becomes a question HOW DEEP to drill to find and access it.
Deep drilling is capital intensive, technologically advanced, challenging, expensive AND dangerous, witness our most recent Atlantic BP Gulf disaster.
So, in THAT sense, all oil and gas are not created equal in value even though they exist everywhere beneath Earth's core mantel.
Now, by way of introduction, the second link, below, to which I refer, regarding ZION Oil and Gas, keeping in mind their investor list:


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