Saturday, May 21, 2011


Trying to reconcile, satisfy and juggle CONTRADICTORY, competing, imperialist, PRIVATE economic interests in a revived, global, NAZI Great Game, as proverbially it is said, Obooma satisfies all and none at once.
Instead, I reiterate constantly, with each and every ingenuous 'solution,' twist and turn they devise our current batch of NAZI LUNATICS dig themselves deeper into irresolvable, intractable quagmires, conundrums, explosive black holes, creating NEW problems with every "solution" they invent.
Plugging popping up holes in a proverbial dike.
I simply sit back and watch NAZI INSANITY gyrations unfold before my eyes.
Gaddafi apparently characterized Obooma as INSANE, DELUSIONAL, out of touch with reality, or, words to that effect.
Ghaddafi is correct.
Except, Obooma being simply an empty vessel, parrot, decides nothing whatsoever.
Obooma merely reads from a script handed him.
Obooma exercises NO independent judgement, makes NO policy.
So, characterizing Obooma INSANE, DELUSIONAL means our entire economic and political institutions, policies, government, etc., are INSANE, DELUSIONAL, OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY, etc.
Obooma SYMBOLIZING them/it.
It is/was with great amusement I watched, of all people, Netanyahu hold his nose, expressing contempt, while seated with Obooma for a photo op.
It takes a NAZI like Netanyahu to do what EVERYONE should be doing.
But, since others do NOT, I might as well enjoy the irony of Netanyahu representing OPPOSITION to OBOOMA.
As a reminder of some of the more/most IMPORTANT economic BACKGROUND events represented above, two links.
First, NAZI EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) support, partnership, with our NAZI CITIGROUP/EXXON/MORGAN Obooma DICTATORSHIP and their greater MIDDLE EAST/NO AFRICA PRIVATIZING "transformation," euphemistically called reform, project:


Then, a previous post I did.
Follow all EMBEDDED links backwards, especially my April 16, 2011 post about Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, Mansour and my conclusion IN THAT POST regarding EMG, WURMSER, SHESHINSKI, etc.:


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