Saturday, December 10, 2011


Russia, or, Putin, being much in the news these days with our customary, obligatory, concocted, hired, demonstrators, distractions, rent a mob, made for TV scenes, I decided to highlight a Helmer article below because in his/its last, final, BOTTOM PARAGRAPH, at the end, he/it names, references, WILLIAM BROWDER.
I did something on Browder and his Russian investment firm, Hermitage, in much earlier posts.
But, I thought it worth mentioning again in view of current events.

Neglected, overlooked, amongst, PERHAPS, other facts and/or distortions, William/Bill BROWDER is a GRANDSON of infamous, totally, thoroughly, DISCREDITED former CPUSA General Secretary EARL BROWDER!
So thoroughly discredited was Browder's name he/it became associated with a general phenomena known as "Browderism," something everybody who KNOWS anything understands all too well.
Thus, Browder, Browderism, represents a PRIME EXAMPLE I use to describe an ONGOING, continued, process of infiltration, penetration, covert operatives, front groups.
It follows a reward for services rendered Browder is/was represented in Russia PRIVATIZATION ground floor, below.
Not by accident, but, by extension:

A brief biographical SNIPPET, link, provided below regarding William Browder.

For further reading on grandfather Earl Browder, his/their history, explanations, do your own research:

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