Saturday, December 10, 2011


Profound stupidity and ignorance reigneth, aboundeth, abideth, permeating HERE so deeply, extensively, it becomes totally demoralizing, depressing, jaw dropping, mind numbing, anesthetizing, often paralyzing myself and others, making it impossible, difficult, to think, do or write anything.

One simply becomes over or underwhelmed in such a vast world, a sea, of surreal denial, double and triple speak, euphemisms, fictionalized characters living in a Disneyland, Alice in Wonderland Darkly, conjured up reality, echoed, reaffirmed, amplified thousands of times by a PROPERTIED ELITE, ARISTOCRATIC ruling class, with ALL Establishment institutions, media, education, front groups, you name it, complicit.

Those few people remaining I know who still actually think suggest ONLY one coping mechanism, antidote, exists, namely, laughter, a comedy of errors, farce, joke, dark humor.

No change possible until all become completely devastated, pulverized into the ground, which, I guarantee, assure everyone, WILL happen.

Two reports below concern ONE Greek event as a reminder to myself BECAUSE such action would NEVER, EVER, occur in United Suckers and Assholes THOROUGHLY CORRUPT, STINKING, NAZI AFL-CIA, SEIU, INCORPORATED, AFFILIATED, LABOR STRANGLEHOLD, so complete, absolute, powerful, entrenched, beholden and thorough that NOBODY would dare or have resources, wherewithal, to defy, CHALLENGE, their own mafia labor bosses in an outright, blatant, militant MANNER.

IF this equation, situation, were DIFFERENT than it is, which it is NOT, the ballgame HERE would be decidedly opposite, like day and night.

But, that is reality, such as it is.

THEY represent OUR main impediment, OBSTACLE, SUBVERSION, to ANY and ALL PRINCIPLED organized resistance and opposition!!
ALL consistently, repetitively, are sold down a proverbial sewer drain, undermined, BIG TIME, BY OUR OWN LABOR UNION INCORPORATED RATS, WHORES, OPPORTUNIST YES MEN AND WOMEN, posturing as something other than they are, including their/this entire DEEPLY FASCIST ADMINISTRATION.

Every opportunity SQUANDERED, wasted, lost, and ALL dug deeper into a NAZI cesspool, quagmire, a black hole of no return!!

And, since THEIR NAZI/VICHY partnered enmeshed, mired, steeped in CORRUPTION, Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Democrat Regime help to administer wholesale sell out and off of Greek, as well as others, STATE assets, privatization, needless to say, it follows, for example, OUR unions can NOT find, support, acknowledge or recognize a principled led Greek opposition, resistance, a simple, direct, logical consequence of policies above.

So, with THAT REALITY in mind, an EXAMPLE below of what SHOULD, COULD, BUT DOES and WILL NOT HAPPEN HERE, that is, not until United Suckers and Assholes NAZI doormat, comatose, nation finds itself isolated, surrounded by a moat, a sea of global insurrection, revolution, war, insurgency, riots, comatose United Suckers and Assholes sticking out conspicuously like a stupid, dumb, ignorant sore thumb they are:




All doomed to perpetual, internecine, class warfare, competing, conflicting imperialist and economic rivalries, retrograde historical metamorphosis BACKWARDS, downwards, decay, disintegration, spiraling entropy, anarchy.
Process being both torturous and WASTEFUL!

Everything and everyone wasted, peoples lives, vast and depleting resources, intellects, energies, time, you name it.
A gutter empire, glorifying, signifying, advancing nothing but crass stupidity, commodity fetishism, ignorance, banality, mediocrity, cruelty at its lowest human and intellectual common denominator possible.
Is it any wonder NORMAL, SANE, people TURN OFF, TUNE OUT, distance and disassociate themselves away from an emanating repulsive stench of decaying, rotten, human corpses, hypocritical, cynical, walking zombies.

What more to be said??
Well described and analyzed by others long before I happened on the scene.
Variations on an old theme.
Watch PREDICTABLE, scripted, PROCESSES, events, unfold before your eyes.

War = Peace.
Torture = Freedom
Fascism/Nazism = Democracy
"Arbeit Macht Frei"
And so on.

Orwellian logic, reality obscured, convoluted, invented, turned upside down and inside out.

Then, see my other, earlier post, below...

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