Sunday, December 11, 2011


Today's post a VERY BRIEF, terse, one.
Consider it postscript to yesterday's entry, just below.
Link follows describing mere SNIPPETS, a FRACTION, as IRAQ EXPERIENCES PEACE/VICTORY/"WITHDRAWAL" with escalation mounting throughout a MIDEAST/NORTH AFRICA region, including IRAQ, accompanying SURROGATE, MERCENARY, PROXY FORCES and EXTENSIVE, SURROUNDING, US/NATO TROOPS, MILITARY HARDWARE PURCHASES, bases, advisers, consultants, private "security forces, training," etc.
All generally considered, defined, as a WAR ZONE!!
As a proverbial "they" always admonish:
"Baby, you ain't seen nothin yet; just wait!"
Prelude to a new dawn rising; "Peace for/of/in our times":

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