Sunday, December 25, 2011


While attempting to surmount, survive, a national religious fervor and highly commercialized, ritualistic, Xmas feeding frenzy under auspices of nominal Church and State separation, a backdrop of PREDICTABLE, FORESEEABLE, IRAQ events occurs with more happening throughout a greater Mideast, Africa, ARAB "ISLAMIC" NIGHTMARE scenario.
Sticking to IRAQ, events occurring now flow directly on the heels of, from, reports I previously highlighted concerning US NAZI ROCKEFELLER EXXON/SAUDI ARAMCO/CITIGROUP/MORGAN DECLARATION OF WAR since THEY AND OUR US GOVERNMENT BEING ONE AND THE SAME ENTITY!
I assure anyone and everyone gullible, naive, stupid enough to believe EXXON does/did anything without, against, US government foreknowledge, advice, policy, permission, etc., you are certifiably delusional, insane.
IF EXXON makes/made a policy decision, they ACT as US government.
EXXON knew/knows precisely what they did/do, provocation, repercussions, policies, events to follow, i.e., what happens next.
The only ones not understanding, willfully, are United Suckers and Assholes whose collective brains reside in their backsides exactly where they will be hit:

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