Saturday, December 3, 2011


An unintentional reminder BELOW from a Helmer piece concerning a different time, circumstance and CANCELED DEBT, debt being very much in the news nowadays, as well as related matters.

HOWEVER, many more factors exist NOW surrounding SYRIA and RUSSIAN relations besides those mentioned, like, for example, Russia LUKOIL INVESTMENTS IN NAZI OCCUPIED IRAQ, JAFAR family octopus Gulftainer and their Russian partnership, amongst others.

ALL global governments NOW being morally, politically, debased ones, representing COMPROMISED, ILLEGITIMATE, FASCIST, NAZI Dictatorship reactionary coups.
Helmer's commentary below about Syria and Russia has a good, accurate, nice description, analogy, title, which I like with one minor modification to it on MY part, namely, appropriately, I label it/them,
"A [RUSSIAN] BLOWHARD ZONE" with MidEast nearby carcasses mounting up around them like Mount Everest daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.
Fuck NAZI occupied Putin/Medvedev's Russia which did and does NOTHING except collaborate, including with NAZI IRAN!!
You ALL are much too late.
Upon USSR dissolution, a proverbial barn door swung WIDE OPEN allowing NAZI MANUFACTURED, SPONSORED, barbarian hordes, mercenaries, ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALIST thugs, front groups of all stripes, hues, versions, MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, to run amok, roam wild.
STILL NO OUTRIGHT CONDEMNATION BY ANYONE much less a totally complicit, compromised, collaborative, colluded, partnered BOGUS OPPOSITION.
So, Russia reduced to nothing more than a toothless paper tiger amongst other competing NAZI imperialist forces.
Consequently, escalating confrontation, spiraling conflict, perpetual, internecine, warfare EVERYWHERE in sight, guaranteed social degradation, dissolution, decay, disintegration, suicide, ultimate extinction.
And, that, folks, characterizes our NAZI OBOOMA DISNEYLAND victory!!
Bring out champagne bottles to celebrate!!
So, Helmer's article to which I make reference above:


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