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Below, a nice ONE HOUR VIDEO documentary, link, from a 1990 program concerning my heading, topic, above.

NOT a comprehensive history, but, since collective historical amnesia exists, not a badly done general reminder from which to begin.

Certain names being quite noticeable.

ALSO, a TRANSCRIPT option available for those wishing to, for whatever reasons, READ that which is verbalized:

Note on a name mentioned above, William DURANT.

Thomas DURANT, NOT one and the same individual as William, nonetheless, represents a precursor, presaging coming events, PATTERN, a prominent, instrumental, individual, investor, in a US Civil War period Railroad MAJOR financing SCANDAL known as Credit Mobilier.

President Lincoln, first and foremost, was an agent, advocate, representative for Westward, transcontinental, RAILROAD development, expansion, AND, its CONCOMITANT REAL ESTATE, LAND, development, speculation, allotments, versus a then dominant, Southern, large scale, plantation holding and agricultural slave labor system and creation of a plantation aristocracy.

Both modes of production, land development, distribution, speculation, NOT compatible with one another, mutually exclusive, SOMEWHAT similar to  feudal versus large scale capital, industrial, transformation elsewhere, abroad, throughout Eurasia.

NOT feudalism, here, instead, but, LARGE  PLANTATION, agricultural, estates, land holdings, and, slaves.

Ultimately, declarations of Southern Secession and establishment of a CONFEDERATE UNION/STATE over issues pertaining to, blocking, its Westward SYSTEMIC expansion created a war like situation, confrontation, BECAUSE, an INDEPENDENT SOUTHERN CONFEDERATE STATE, COUNTRY, geographically adjacent, immediately next door to, the US, with both potential and existing EXTERNAL, foreign, economic, military, relationships, alliances, etc., had MAJOR implications, THREATENING further US economic integration, integrity, territorial expansion, its "manifest destiny," and, even its existence as an independent country.

Colonial morphing later to imperialist, economic, military, political, relationships, conflicts, competition, shifting alliances, are, BY DEFINITION, GLOBAL ones!
A tautology.


So, following, a SMALL background snippet on US CIVIL WAR Thomas DURANT and his/their initial, MAJOR, US speculative RR bubble scandal, a shell company, conspiracy, insider trading, Credit Mobilier, a template, presaging coming events with another, and slightly later, different, William DURANT,, of 1929 Stock Market Crash TO THE PRESENT:


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