Thursday, April 26, 2012


Remember them??
I doubt it, since EVERYONE, primarily here, seems to suffer a pernicious disease I call both long and short term historical amnesia.
JP MORGAN CAZENOVE of NAZI pedigree, lineage, now adviser to infamous, illustrious, IRAQ HERITAGE OIL Company, owned originally by notorious Mr. 5% Canadian Gulbenkian of former PRIVATE IPC (Iraq Petroleum Company) fame, partnered NOW with KRG MURKY EAGLE GROUP OF IRAQ, ABOUT WHICH I DID MANY POSTS, then, Heritage ownership changed hands to British mercenary Tony Buckingham, amongst others, including some Turkish names, through numerous twists and perambulation.
Follow a bouncing ball, Byzantine maze, a Minotaur thread, puzzle palace, of shifting PERSONAL, PRIVATE, acquisition, greed, capital concentration, monopoly cartel, domination, elimination, competition, of imperialist rivalries, etc.
An OLD, worn, tired, antiquated, dilapidated, story newly dressed up, minted, recycled garbage, paraded in verbiage, jargon, jabberwocky, double/triple speak, euphemisms, spin, obscurantism, just for THEIR special occasions:

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