Thursday, April 12, 2012


Every time, for personal reasons, I am away briefly and return to the internet, basically, it confirms or reaffirms that which is known already by myself and most everyone and then subsequently by those same people, their economic interests, representatives, lackeys, denied, buried, amidst mountains of subterfuge, lies, disinformation, propaganda campaigns.

So, what's the point??

Redundant exercises in NAZI futility.

More of the same, like, FOR EXAMPLE, a Syrian report with SOME FACTUAL, truthful, ELEMENTS, embedded, disguised, couched, spun, in fiction, jargon, rhetoric, propaganda

So, something else below, a bit more substantial, wholesome, inspiring, instead.
An antidote, difference, alternative, a fundamental contradiction, between OUR NAZI funded, financed, global village of Islamic, Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, Al-Qaeda,, Frankenstein monster hate mongers, serial killers, murderers, terrorists, war/drug lords, barbarian psychopaths, torturers, mercenaries, PROFITEERS, OPPORTUNISTS, THEIR APOLOGISTS, COLLABORATORS, PARTNERS and those represented below.
An old saying, paraphrased, more or less:
"People/children must be TAUGHT to hate."
They are NOT born barbarian murderers, monsters.
Such monsters are MADE, CREATED, like Frankenstein.
I add, qualify, IF children, adults, experience TRAUMA, gratuitous brutality, of all kinds, shapes, persuasions, then, negatives most likely dominate their lives, a consequence, repercussion, of cumulative experience.
Damaged goods.
In a delightful narrative below, HOWEVER, I do NOT endorse inevitable commercialism, hype, towards the end, to which unfortunately most everything HERE succumbs, one way or another, killing off all things good, creative.
Commercialism suffocates creativity:

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