Sunday, April 29, 2012


Rolling along merrily from previous posts, articles, I cited, more Greek state assets proposed to be sold out and off, PRIVATIZED, which, of course, "what it is all about, Alfie," amidst sturm und drang:


Merkel: “New Fiscal Compact Non-Negotiable”. Turbulent EU-Times With Merkel-Hollande

Above, ON MY PART, an irresistible, but, gratuitous, editorial comment, a cleverly doctored photo of Unser Latest resuscitated NAZI Deutschland Uber Alles Fuhrer, Iron Lady Merkel, which I much appreciated, enjoyed and so reproduce from here:


Meanwhile, in a somewhat abbreviated, eclectic, short, very hurried, rushed entry today, for those who did NOT happen to see a wonderful film documentary entitled, "Cuba, An African Odyssey," by chance I viewed it recently a 3rd time. 
So, short trailer link, clip, below.
I hope you can find it somewhere on line in its entirety IF you did NOT see it.
Well worth an effort, I assure you.
You will be amply rewarded in these contemporary times of mass delusion, illusion, glorified stupidity, ignorance, grief, anguish, etc.
A nice slice, reminder, of what REALITY LOOKS LIKE:


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