Sunday, September 9, 2012


A SMALL NOTE OF COMIC RELIEF away from otherwise serious, profoundly disastrous, horrible, depressing, demoralizing, catastrophic, current events I follow daily, weekly.

I don't think I ever laughed so much aloud, hysterically, at ANY fictional or other book review, especially a US illustrious piece of toilet paper called a weekly NY TIMES Sunday BOOK REVIEW, or, another vastly overrated pretentious commercial piece of garbage which sets standards for so-called intelligent readers, NY Review of Books.

So, THANKS to JOHN HELMER for a marvelously delightful, funny, entertaining, amusing, piece, which left me chuckling for hours; well worth its weight in humorous gold.

As a minor personal postscript, HELMER helped jar, refresh, my memory from years back to recall how decidedly UNimpressed, UNDERwhelmed, I first felt when reading about a GENERALLY DISASTROUS, STUPID, ARROGANT, DEPLORABLE, POLISH STATE POLICY PLAYED BEFORE, DURING, and, of course, after WWII, although SPECIFICS, details, lost to memory NOW, alas.

If only my brain functioned as a mental computer and I could press a button for instant, TOTAL, complete, recall.

Unfortunately, I have to press a REFRESH button now, instead:

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