Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Is it not convenient, coincidental, a controversial FOREIGN arranged "terrorist" PROVOCATION, opportunity, occurs JUST around 9/11 anniversary, simultaneous to a flagging, failing, ailing, delegitimized, apathetic, US Presidential S-ELECTION process, OVERSHADOWING, DIVERTING ATTENTION AWAY FROM above, AND, for example, NAZI OCCUPIED DEUTSCHLAND UBER ALLES court ruling on Eurobonds; MORE NAZI OCCUPIED US DEBT STIMULUS in the offing; expanded NAZI OCCUPIED South Africa general LABOR strike, insurrection, confrontation; ongoing militant GREEK labor strike battles, resistance, opposition; DIFFERENT LIBYA militia factions purportedly all fighting, vying with, one another, including remnant Ghaddafi loyalists, Saudi Salafists, etc.; NAZI ROCKEFELLER EXXON DECLARED war against NAZI IRAN occupied Baghdad, IRAQ, SHAHRISTANI government; an Egypt/Arab NAZI Muslim Brotherhood, Salafist, NIGHTMARE, raging SYRIA real life horror movie; and, NOW, additionally, a UN RUSSIA/CHINA GREEN LIGHT IRAN VOTE, and, generalized, overall, systemic deterioration, destabilization, collapse, failure, catastrophe, calamity, i.e., a perfect storm, featured in one of my posts below.

What a happy coincidence of terror timing, excuse, from/for ALL ABOVE concerned.

Of course, if you are DENSE, DUMB, BLIND, STUPID, IGNORANT, what more is there to say??

I suppose martial law, state of emergency, playing soon, if not already, in a theatre near you, along with MORE TANKS, MILITARY hardware, bombs, guns, aircraft carriers, internal, external oppression, repression, etc.

Finally, see an EARLIER post today, below...

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