Sunday, September 16, 2012


One big thriving, happy, vast, Mideast/North Africa bazaar, marketplace, DEN, NEST, of interconnected, interwoven, US/INTERNATIONAL NAZI ISLAMIC, MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, SPONSORED spies, traitors, infiltrators, collaborators, opportunists, partnered financially together, handsomely rewarded, remunerated, for their treachery, SELL OUT AND OFF, delivered gifts, cash, money, payola, graft, corruption, position, like those before them THROUGHOUT what was FORMER USSR STATES, ESPECIALLY POLAND, EASTERN EUROPE, ASIA, too.

As I know minus confirmation below, nonetheless, reported HERE, Egypt's NAZI ISLAMIC PM MORSI AND TUNISIA'S GHANNOUCHI, additionally, my previous post about US AFL-CIA (CIO) covert ops involvement, LABOR AWARDS TO TUNISIA and BAHRAIN UNION Presidents, other despicable, notorious, Polish labor union Solidarity Lech Walesa type criminals, opportunists, parasites, lechers, operatives, including South Africa ANC and their LABOR UNION leadership:

Scroll down to my post just below about our AFL-CIA Mideast role/award OR click here instead:

Is it any wonder I want to vomit constantly living amongst such CYNICALLY HYPOCRITICAL HUMAN TRASH, GARBAGE, DETRITUS, JETSAM AND FLOTSAM, swimming, surviving, daily, in a TOXIC, POLLUTED, HUMAN SEA!!
Having to look at, see, hear, these people ALL THE TIME, UBIQUITOUS, given LEGITIMACY!!
It is enough to make anyone puke, vomit, stomach churning, turning, revolting.

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