Saturday, September 22, 2012


Can it get more sickening, revolting, than that above/below??
Swimming daily in an all encompassing toxic, polluted, sea of human garbage.
An endless parade of demagogic trash.

EGYPT NAZI PRESIDENT MORSI next in a long list of misery to visit US, given legitimacy, whitewashed, getting more marching orders, perhaps.
I cannot stand looking at, hearing, seeing, ANY more of these repulsive bimbos.
They make me physically, viscerally, sick, nauseous.

By the way, in case anyone interested, a small factoid EXTRACTED from report below about OUR latest HIRED HELP, PAID, FREEDOM FIGHTER, DEMOCRACY, SCUMBAG, OPPORTUNIST, NAZI EGYPT PM MORSI:

"...President Morsi has lived in the US in the past, including obtaining a doctorate at the University of Southern California. Two of his five children hold the US citizenship..."


Note absence, NONE, ZERO, ZIP, US labor protest, condemnation, voices, outrage, AGAINST MORSI, MB, whatsoever despite OBVIOUS MB labor position declaring strikes treason, NOT ONLY NOW BUT PREVIOUSLY, nor, of course, any NAZI PARTNERED bogus, ersatz, HIRED OPPOSITION, occupy your brain, front groups.

Instead, I imagine, a welcoming party.

Seems like ONLY a few relatively minor, insignificant, lonely, Christian Coptic groups plan SOME sort of PROTEST actions against current EGYPT NAZI OCCUPATION REGIME DICTATOR US visit.
All quite on the Western front.
So, above pretty much tells you ALL you need know about ALL actors, participants, involved.

Nor, of course, does one hear, see, witness, ANY US labor South Africa MINERS STRIKE, INSURRECTION, SUPPORT, sympathy, actions, because, of course, South Africa ANC, ZUMA, RULING PARTY and their umbrella labor organization, COSATU, partnered WITH US covert operative AFL-CIA, ILO, FRONT organization, thus, handsomely rewarded, remunerated, in/on PRIVATIZATION ground floor, seated on Board of Directors and/or OWNERS of PRIVATELY HELD INTERNATIONAL MINES LIKE LONMIN, for example.
Mums the word.
A deafening silence.
So, NO mystery there, either.
SOME people label this kleptocracy, resembling, of course, former USSR PRIVATIZATION.

Then, a small gratuity, postscript, about EFG-HERMES EGYPT.

Behemoth INTERNATIONAL investment firm EFG HERMES, as indicated in many previous posts, being WELL represented in EGYPT--an investment fund devoted, dedicated, to their NAZI ISLAMIC BRETHREN EGYPT PARTNERS, along, of course, with IMF, SAUDIS, IRAQ JAFAR family octopus, empire, dynasty of DANA GAS/CRESCENT OIL/ABRAAJ fame,

Meanwhile, DISCONCERTING information presents itself TO ME regarding newly formed supposedly all encompassing EGYPT NASSER PARTY.

Two FACTS, IF ACCURATELY REPORTED BELOW disturb, make me suspicious.


Inflammatory "N" WORD, NATIONALIZATION, NEVER ONCE uttered, mentioned, at least, published.
Then, additionally, presence of NAZI PARTNERED US AFL-CIA, SEIU, ILO, AFFILIATED EGYPT UNION, EFITU, in this vague, amorphous, grouping.

I did previous POSTS about a subversive ROLE for this NEWLY minted, manufactured, EGYPT union, EFITU.

Here is a link, reminder, FROM THAT POST, first, an extract from an article highlighted, cited, in it.
MY emphasis in BOLD type:

"...On January 30, 2011, in the midst of the 18-day uprising that toppled Mubarak, a group of four "independent unions" announced the establishment of the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions (EFITU). Today, EFITU boasts a membership of 281 unions and more than 2 million workers. These newly-formed unions have received international recognition from organizations such as the International Labor Organization, the International Trade Union Confederation, and Public Services International. In addition, they boast that their members have democratically elected their leaderships, which makes them legitimate representatives of their members' interests..."



BOTH FACTS above represent TO ME very, very, OMINOUS signs for PRECEDING reasons.

Seems TO ME like an INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE NAZI CAPITAL CARTEL, Establishment, already infiltrating, penetrating, helping establish, create, and, CONTROL an "independent" Egyptian BACKUP team in case their current primary, resident, one, MB, FAILS in its appointed task, consequence of overwhelming BACKLASH!!:


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