Friday, September 14, 2012


A supposition I posited in an earlier post below appears confirmed to me by latest US AND regional allies co-sponsored Sept-October Surprise Crisis, PROVOCATION, both domestic and international, with MILITARY repercussions, intervention, rippling, accelerating, regionally as I write.

Big bad monster ZIONIST JEWISH (a redundancy) Israel NOT needed this time around!!

I speculated in my link BELOW on whether or not a precipitating, escalating, domestic "terror" crisis, threat, Homeland Insecurity, to occur before or after a presumed s-election cycle.

But, obviously, I have an answer to my question below, thanks to help of another, different, but, still prearranged, predetermined, PROVOCATION, incident, excuse, and some witting and/or unwitting helpers in the Mideast.

Interesting, isn't it, our NAZI domestic and international press corp as well as idiots here almost always employ a monolithic descriptive term, Islamic, and/or, Muslim, to define and categorize events and peoples throughout a wide swatch of the globe, Mediterranean.

(Never mind Muslim and/or Islamic in OTHER parts of the globe.)

Rarely, IF ever, do they NOW utilize ARABIC to describe that particular region, geography and its inhabitants.

Of course, they do NOT wish to have THAT identification, much too close to, reminiscent of, a Pan-Arab Socialist Movement and NASSER type revolutions, the very last thing they want.

So, let's follow THEIR logic through.

How about a Christian or Orthodox Christian, or, Protestant Europe?
Or, Fundamentalist Christian US??
Then, of course, we could have Sub-Saharan BLACK Africa.

I wonder HOW people here and there would react to THOSE descriptions of themselves employed??

Probably wonder about WHOM were they talking??
Who, me??
No, not me.
You got it wrong!!

And, finally, one more speculative note.
Anyone happen to notice a curious timing, coincidence, of oxymoron ORCHESTRATED spontaneous events, protests, occurring SIMULTANEOUSLY, like equally sponsored ARAB SPRING ISLAMIC REVOLUTIONS, just irrepressibly bubbling, percolating, popping up to the surface, in response to what??
A FILM!!??
No, not democracy yearning this time around.

And, of course, after reading my link below, scroll backwards, down, to more recent posts for further interconnections:

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