Saturday, September 29, 2012


I always HATE spelling out what TO ME SEEMS OBVIOUS and open secrets.

It appears such a waste of my time and insulting to everyone else's intelligence.

But, when one resides in a NAZI occupied DICTATORSHIP reality becomes an inverted mirror image of itself, blurred, indistinguishable, upside down, white black, day night, "arbeit macht frei," etc., parallel uni(multi)verses. 

NOTHING under such circumstances to be taken for granted, ignored, thus, reality, fact check, need be spelled out, reasserted, boldly, in one's face, in glowing, blinking, NEON colored SIGNS.

So, for example, PRIVATE US IVY LEAGUE teaching UNIVERSITIES such as "distinguished, illustrious, prestigious" HARVARD, UNIV OF PENNSYLVANIA, amongst other notables, have ENORMOUS endowment monies to INVEST and earn a PROFIT for themselves.

The EXPENSIVE UNIV of PENNSYLVANIA, as one example, with its internationally attended Wharton Business School, has an endowment estimated AROUND $7 BILLION, more or less.
Do not know exact figure for HARVARD, but, Harvard has THE LARGEST endowment, larger then Univ of Penna, so, that gives one a ballpark idea.

Consequently, these private higher educational institutions become both OFFICIAL AND quasi UNOFFICIAL ARMS, extensions, of US government POLICY, departments, sanctuaries, refuges, of/for WEALTHY ideological, politically and economically disenfranchised EMIGRES, expatriates, patrons, clients, such as former Harvard Circle Kenan Makiya and Rhen Rahim Francke of Harvard Iraq Memory Project status, STATE, CIA, MILITARY, PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, propaganda, brainwashing, etc.

They offer faculty positions, "business degrees," legitimacy, safe harbor, haven, research papers, ideological mouthpieces, FRONTS, cover, historical revisionism, publications, books, papers, lectures, interpretation, whitewashing, etc., think tanks, for individuals REPRESENTING interests of those above.

Most, many, FACULTY, STUDENTS and ADMINISTRATIVE employees of these Universities SUPPORT OBOOMA for REASONS named ABOVE, their bread buttered by these overt and covert interwoven financial links.

So, as in past times, University facilities and faculties either directly help sanitize, legitimize, PARTNER with, NAZI/FASCIST DICTATORSHIPS, INVESTMENTS, or simply attempt to ignore, shut their eyes, ears and mouths (see, hear, speak no evil) to policies OF MASS SLAUGHTER, barbaric, horrific, torture techniques, atrocities, humanitarian catastrophe executed both literally and figuratively in THEIR name and that of manna from heaven, PROFIT!

Thus, if one wishes to MAINTAIN, KEEP, EMPLOYMENT, CAREERS, JOBS, in any one of these higher and "finer" educational institutions they MUST tow the line above, and, at minimum, NOT openly, actively, overtly, expose, organize against, conflict with, and/or, contradict official narratives and policies, lest they find themselves amongst many "disappeared," another infamous NAZI lineage ROCKEFELLER CFR/CITIGROUP/EXXON/MORGAN technique abundantly exercised by a former UNelected US National Security Council Advisor (1947 Natl Security Act) and Pentagon NAZI German General Fritz Kraemer protege Henry KISSINGER of Kissinger Associates, executing, implementing, THEIR dirty Latin American counter-revolutionary wars, such as Argentina, Chile, Central America,

Furthermore, adding salt onto an open wound, these PRIVATELY ENDOWED and INVESTED UNIVERSITIES receive local city and/or state real estate, property, TAX EXEMPT STATUS because they classify themselves as NOT FOR PROFIT educational, teaching, institutions!!

NOT TECHNICALLY businesses!!

Despite all above and being PRIVATE they also receive LOTS of Federal, National, taxpayer subsidies in various guises and forms under "research projects, pilot projects, public/private partnerships, grants, scholarships, student aid, etc."

And, of course, their employees PENSION FUNDS invested into PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, HEALTHCARE, etc.

So, US labor AND educational, academic, intellectual, institutions, along with their commercialized crappy media and so-called "philanthropic" foundations, overlap, intersect, to become an interwoven, orchestrated, cacophony, echo chamber, of ESTABLISHMENT voices, CONSPIRING, (this IS a CLASS conspiracy), participating, in duality, deception, cynical hypocrisy, manipulation, deflection, diversion, collaboration, self-justification, all singing in unison variations on a prescribed and proscribed redundant theme.

The above represents daily life, existence, an OVERWHELMING reality, environment, social organization, milieu, supported by a vast, endless, bottomless, pit of money, deep pockets, that I AND ANYONE ELSE OPPOSED to it/them, these policies, TRUTH, find themselves up against, swimming upstream, navigating obstacles like salmon going up river against currents to spawn and ultimately die.

As such, at times it seems a really ridiculous, HERCULEAN, David and Goliath, type project, task, perhaps, maybe, more aptly described as Quixotic.

I, however, have NO illusions about mass social change and its requirements.

Such change, revolution, metamorphosis, transformation, can and does NOT occur by/with ONLY a few lonely, single, individual, slingshots, arrows, darts, thrown.

Slingshots CONTRIBUTE in warfare, but, certainly, NOT decisive in battle.

Behind slingshots, requires MASSIVE SOCIAL ORGANIZATION, SOLIDARITY, direction, theory, leadership, upheaval, unity, tactics, strategy, or, as someone other than I says, "mind, muscle and money."

However, where/when NONE above exists, absent, a political vacuum, as here and now, then, sadly, in LIEU, slingshots FORCED to suffice, as in a previous entry I did highlighting a photo of 2 lonely US individual SUPPORTERS standing outside in the midst of an enormous GREEK General Strike with their homemade sign SYMBOLICALLY forced to represent an entire US nation estimated around 300 plus million inhabitants.

And, so, I continue, whether or not efficacious, tenaciously, doggedly, throwing darts, slingshots, like salmon persevering upstream to multiply and die, propelled, motivated, by SIMILAR innate, instinctual, autonomous, reflex behaviour as salmon.

"Beauty is truth
Truth beauty
That is all ye know and all ye need to know on earth."

A literary quote, reference, from John Keats.

But, applicable to natural science, also,  blending scientific theories of profound "elegant simplicity," understanding, truth, insight, an aha, or, eureka moment, as its come to be known.

Miracles REALLY DO occur; they lay in astonishing human capacities for intelligent comprehension, reason, logic, creating order out of seemingly random natural chaos and disparate events.

Another slogan retrieved from past times:

"A mind being, indeed, a terrible thing to waste."

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