Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Numerous flavored global financial investment BUBBLES exist, explode, collapse, REPEATEDLY, to be resuscitated by life support systems, including latest US STOCK MARKET, another floated hot air balloon, artificially manufactured tornado, a spinning vortex sucking in unsuspecting victims, sponsored by, courtesy of, PRIVATELY OWNED US FEDERAL RESERVE EXPANSIVE, inflationary, monetary policies.

The higher they go the harder they fall, including ALL PRIVATELY owned and invested pension funds.

Hey, folks, I compose NUMEROUS posts about this subject.

LOTS more available online, not to mention HISTORICAL parallels, precedents, antecedents, which nobody manages, at least, HERE, to find.

SYSTEMIC COLLAPSE, IMPLOSION, occurs repeatedly, daily, exacerbated, mirrored, by combinations of natural and man made disasters.

Possible solutions NEVER discussed, impossible to implement, BECAUSE we neither own nor control, allocate, COLLECTIVELY, our own productive industries and/or natural resources, not to mention money supply.

NO "command economy" for us, here.

Instead, we have unlimited, unbridled, "free market" solutions, panaceas, suicidal policies whose sole criteria, purpose, raison d'etre, being PROFIT, BOTTOM LINE, i.e., intensified natural and/or human exploitation, "irrational financial exuberance," more, not less, consumption, export driven markets, monopoly cartels, imperialist lebensraum, expansion, redundant commodity production, ALL inherent concomitants of such systemic logic.

So, all PARTNERED in global crime sink together down to lowest possible common denominator, already, I am afraid, reached.

Sit back, enjoy, observe, a SELF-MADE destructive trajectory unfold, like a doomsday comet, meteor or asteroid path traversing our cosmos on its way towards fragile Spaceship Earth.

So many opportunities exist/existed to CHANGE COURSE, but, NO!!

Every one of them DENIED, obstructed, ignored, instead, choosing paths of least resistance, opportunism, compromise, NAZI appeasement, collaboration.

Weather terrorism explodes here including, of course, global warming meltdown.

It is NOT YET a man made war zone HERE with SHOCK AND AWE CARPET BOMBINGS, entire countries and regions INTENTIONALLY destroyed, flattened, back to the Stone Ages!!

The best is yet coming on a new/old, REVIVED, Zombie global Great Game, a pathological, suicidal, chessboard, "democracy" trajectory.

As anecdotal postscript, I know NOT one individual planning EVER again to vote, participate, in ANY upcoming election for ANYTHING OR ANYONE.

Everyone I KNOW being sick to their stomachs, disgusted, repulsed, disaffected, disengaged, cannot stand seeing/hearing ANY institution or individual HERE LEGITIMIZED by a thoroughly revolting NAZI OCCUPIED STATE apparatus, corporate media, academic, judicial, legal, LABOR, prostitutes and so on.

A vast illusory propaganda echo chamber, a dark reflecting pool, exists.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who amongst us is THE greatest??"

Greatest WHAT??

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