Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Nayer Nagui among cast of Opera Aida on main hall stage at Cairo Opera Aida, striking. (Photo: Ayman

Nayer Nagui, artistic director and principal conductor of the Cairo Opera Orchestra addresses the audience. Instead of performing the scheduled Verdi's Aida, the artists staged a protest opposing the minister's decision to remove Ines Abdel Dayem from the opera's chair and opposing the "brotherhoodisation" of the Egyptian culture. Tuesday 28 May 2013 (Photo: Ayman Hafez)

Above photo/caption reproduced from report below.
Also, an embedded video follows in link below, along with a slide show from another report on same event:


Why is it O.K. FOR IRAQ, or any other country, to have a similar, but, equally NAZI manufactured barbaric, lunatic, ISLAMIC IRAN FASCIST OCCUPATION, DICTATORSHIP, REGIME, and, NOT EGYPT??

Back in equally occupied pseudo Islamic Pakistan MORE privatization, name of OUR/THEIR lunatic, suicidal, counter-revolutionary, reptilian brain, Great Game:

As for here, SAME beat goes on and on.

Same old, same old, as comatose, decrepit, zombie, capitalist economy and weather simultaneously rip, tear asunder, decay and collapse repeatedly in multiple disasters, along with OUR NON-EXISTENT labor opposition.

I salivate, drool, anticipating implementation of OBOOMA Byzantine PRIVATE HEALTH CARE law.
I can hardly wait.
For joy, for joy.
Sing it loud and clear, Beethoven's Ode to Joy.

Perhaps, some unemployed Egypt Opera House performers can come here to celebrate OBOOMA PRIVATE CARE??

And, when they do come, they can perform as depicted ABOVE since we have NO people HERE sufficiently organized with guts, will, balls, to force ANY PRINCIPLED CONFRONTATION!!

We have to IMPORT people from elsewhere FOR EVERYTHING, including OPPOSITION!!

Maybe above just could be considered another aspect of a proposed cheap labor, scab, US IMMIGRATION BILL SUPPORTED BY LABOR!!

Let's import from abroad a PRINCIPLED OPPOSITION to help get us out of our conundrum, doldrums, here?? 

Surely, they will show us the way.

A great idea, I THINK!!

Most definitely do I MEAN IT!!


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