Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I KNOW lots of important stuff happening at the moment.

To paraphrase an illustrious US intellectual giant, former Defense Department Chief Donald Rumsfeld, "stuff happens!" 

Do NOT mean to insult peoples collective intelligences and/or belittle what happens in YOUR neck of the woods, neighborhood.

Chaos and anarchy in one form or another reignth most everywhere now.

BUT, occasionally, a little news tidbit catches my eye and knocks me off my seat hysterically laughing aloud.

So, I thought to share THIS particular joke with those who MIGHT enjoy it.

IF you read MY posts for some time, ALL names mentioned below are subject of NUMEROUS entries, WARS, NOW, ONGOING, before, after, atrocities, horrors, terror, and, so on.

As you may recall from a previous post, NAQVI happens to be a name I prominently associate with FORMER BCCI, Bank of Criminal and Crooks International.

I HAPPENED in a post below to link to an earlier entry highlighting a mysterious and curious, at least, to me, connection of NAQVI and JAFAR/ABRAAJ association.

Just in case you missed it, I will, once again, at risk of redundancy, provide that reference link at the bottom of THIS entry.

So, first, award which made me laugh:

Then, from my earlier entry, as I indicate above and included in a post below:

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