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I do NOT for a moment doubt Hopsicker's information, updated link follows BELOW, regarding Chechnya and COVERT front group operations, Boston Bomb connections, a timely PROVOCATION.


So also previous US State sponsored Afghan Freedom Fighters, about which an entire crappy Hollywood commercial movie PROUDLY advertised itself.


MANY MORE such previous operations EXIST/ED.

However, I differ on one point, at least.

Neither Boston nor 9/11 represents any kind, sort of, whatsoever, blowback, but, continuing operations, hired help, plausible denial, political expediency, surrogates, proxies, mercenaries, both for DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL OBJECTIVES, PURPOSES.

As for Afghanistan motives, also mentioned below, that involved TALIBAN OSAMA bin Forgotten ECONOMIC control over then proposed TAP (Turk-Afghan-Pak-possible India) gas pipeline, his/their UNacceptable CONTRACTS, TERMS, CONDITIONS, competition, subsequently awarded to Argentine firm Bridas, etc.

By the way, an aside.

A different, but, significant, ongoing Afghan/Pakistan dispute exists.

Possibly largest, or, second largest, global Copper/gold mine, about which I wrote earlier, reference link follows, located near Afghanistan-Pakistan-Baluchistan-Iran border:  

Unfortunate geography for Chile and Latin America.
So close to NAZI OCCUPIED US, BUT, TOO FAR FROM FORMER USSR to get military and/or economic assistance without risking nuclear confrontation, war, as Cuba discovered.

A somewhat more current, updated, link on Chile Antofagasta consortium and Baluchistan:

Former Clinton Administration DESIRED TALIBAN OSAMA FACTION ELIMINATED, disabled, neutralized, BUT was not able to achieve those objectives.

I listened to subsequent Congressional testimony, hearings, after 9/11 PROVOCATION, regarding Afghanistan where a parade of former Clinton Administration upper echelon reiterated their POLITICAL hesitancy to PURSUE DIRECT MILITARY INTERVENTION, INVOLVEMENT, WAR, in Afghanistan, fearful of getting regionally "bogged down," NOT having sufficient POPULAR SUPPORT, REASON, FOR SUCH AN ADVENTURE.

Thus, enter, Bush and Company and 9/11.

But, I HAVE discussed and to continue doing so covert ops in many forms on my posts.

Anyway, with a few tangential digressions above, updated madcowprod Boston Bomb/Chechnya link to which I refer at top, below heading:

More EXISTING covert ops represented  in EGYPT, NOW, for example.
It, too, like NAZI State sponsored "terrorism" has domestic parallels.
I did NUMEROUS previous posts on US AFL-CIA/SEIU/ILO COVERT EGYPT LABOR, STATE DEPT OPERATIONS, INFILTRATION, PENETRATION, INTERVENTION, influence peddling, (all taxpayer subsidized) comparable to former USSR Poland Solidarity, Lech Walesa.

So, below, a newly formed "independent" Egypt labor organization about which I did NUMEROUS previous posts regarding questionable OUTSIDE funding sources, influence, affiliations, penetration, infiltration.

ALSO, Egypt APRIL 6 Movement, amongst others, another controlled, sponsored, COVERT, STATE, infiltration, penetration, intervention, operation.

And, then, piece de resistance.

Everybody blabbed, screaming, yelling, about NAZI ARYAN IRAN BOMBINGS, WAR, etc.
Well, ALREADY HAPPENED/ING, right under your noses.
Too late.
Been ONGOING for some time.
Really since Iraq-Iran Dracula Sadr militia demise, compromise.
Like Egypt, a COUP desired.


A SURROGATE, PROXY, ESCALATING SYRIAN WAR ensues, evolves, devolves.

Having NOTHING, as fig leaf below describes it, whatsoever to do with religion, but, everything to do with WEALTH, THEFT, PERSONAL AGGRANDIZEMENT, INVESTMENT, REGIONAL PRIVATIZATION, GREED, MONOPOLY CARTEL, ECONOMIC INTEGRATION, OWNERSHIP, WHO GETS WHAT IN A SUICIDAL, REACTIONARY, resuscitated, LUNATIC FRINGE, BARBARIC, PRIMITIVE, EXTINCTION GREAT GAME regime, domestic and abroad, flip side, one and same:’s-coming-prox.aspx

I have a COLLECTIVE homework assignment, exercise, for ALL to do.

Get a FLAT, one dimensional, global map.

On that map, write, chart, as MANY natural resources, industries, assets, about which you know, can find, research, into their appropriate geographical location/s.

Of course, things like currency, education, schools, media, health care, so-called services, drugs, legal and illegal, etc., do not easily categorize into either industrial production and/or raw natural resources.
They too should and can be listed additionally, IF POSSIBLE.

Nonetheless, do the best you can.

Nowadays, such seemingly infinite, mathematically dense, diverse, information can probably easily be obtained and quantified with an appropriately devised computer program.

When you accomplish your task, post your results on the internet and SEND ME A LINK, please.

NOT a joke.
I am deadly serious because such information IS deadly.

This will make my and your job much less difficult, easier to visualize, understand.
THIS is what it's all about.

If you feel it too difficult to take on the task of an entire globe, try, at least, a contiguous region.
Or, a country at a time, piecing, weaving, together an entire picture later.

This can be considered a collective research project, endeavor, like Wikipedia, online university of the air.

Next step list, itemize, document, as much as possible, THOSE OWNING, invested in, these resources, assets, service industries--from TOP down, LARGEST proportional market share, capitalization, behemoths, downwards.

Like Wikipedia, one can begin with a skeleton outline continuously ADDING to and updating information, fleshing out your information skeleton with further facts.

So, there you have it kids.
Go forth and multiply.

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