Thursday, August 8, 2013


I very rarely, if ever, in view of true HORRIFIC events occurring most everywhere, DAILY, comment about what seems to me like trivial, luxury, pursuits, a TV show.

But, I thought this time to take a little side trip for a number of reasons as I explain below.

The other day/night, recently, CABLE, that is, pay, subscription, (NOT over-the-air), TV Channel DISCOVERY, supposedly science, aired what THEY touted as a "documentary" about extinct sea creature, shark, Megalodon, which, they claimed, MAY EXIST!!

I could NOT resist watching such a title, and, so, I, too, along with many others, began viewing it.

This being NOT an area of EXPERTISE on MY part, I allow for unknown POSSIBILITIES, new information, evidence, etc.

I have an open mind.

Other presumed extinct deep sea creatures, species, HAVE shown up alive, so, such a possibility is NOT a totally implausible one.

BUT, as I began watching it unfold, I thought to myself, THEIR procedures SEEMED to ME highly dubious, questionable, unscientific, dangerous, bordering on lunatic, insane, and, DRAMATIC, provocative!!

I could NOT imagine ANY scientific person in their right mind pursuing such DANGEROUS methodologies, interventions, investigative, experimental, research procedures, as they performed.

THIS and NO other aspect of the program MADE ME WONDER, SPECULATE.

SOMETHING SEEMED fishy about a fishy program.

FURTHERMORE, I noticed their documentary to be sponsored by VOLKSWAGEN!!

THAT subject I DO know something about and a critical factor.

Volkswagen, I thought to MYSELF, MUST have had good REASON to INSIST upon HIGH DRAMA, TENSION, SUSPENSE, on or under the sea which translates in COMMERCIAL MEDIA language to RATINGS, viewings, PROFIT.

I SURMISED, HYPOTHESIZED, TO MYSELF, VOLKSWAGEN DEMANDED, insisted, on these unethical, bizarre, but, HIGHLY DRAMATIC, scientific procedures in order to be sponsors of their program.

Also, coincidentally, known or unknown presumed NAZI submarine footage, like Megalodon, re-surfaced, appearing to substantiate certain claims in their "documentary."

I found THAT, amongst many other facts, questionable, dubious.

So,WHEN, BELOW, I read an expose that their ENTIRE dramatization and presumed scientists, experts, ALL FAKE, actors, it EXPLAINED ALL my previous hunches, doubts, suspicions.

I NEVER, however, imagined ALL of it fake, actors, posing as scientists, etc.!!

That is beyond unethical.

I simply ASSUMED ABOVE as THE explanation for ALL its oddities--highly commercialized dramatization, suspense.

Thus, for ME and everyone, it was a huge disappointment BUT magnificently REPRESENTS, instead of science, an ENTIRE degenerate, debased, social fabric, a VAST COMMERCIALIZED WASTELAND, FAKE, fabricated, mindless, intellectual junk, like food, as you will see yourselves from MANY/MOST comments below.

Is it any wonder FEW PEOPLE HERE CAN REASON AND THINK CRITICALLY ABOUT MOST ANY SUBJECT, from history to science to methodology to "news," ALL presented by a VAST COMMERCIAL MEDIA conglomerate, network, including internet garbage, as info-tainment, entertainment, truth, fact, sprinkled liberally, woven together with fiction, doctored information, propaganda, spin, disinformation, etc.??.

An ILLUSTRATIVE, shining, magnificent, EXAMPLE of an historically well known, documented, technique:


Thus, fictionalized docudrama Discovery Megalodon DID serve an unintended, but, historical, scientific, consequence, by positively reaffirming, exposing, its OPPOSITE.

They did us all a great service!!:

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