Sunday, August 18, 2013


Following link at website, below, provides what I do NOT, namely, heading above.

Widely understood and appreciated, nonetheless, UNFORTUNATELY, it becomes necessary to spell it all out in gory detail as that provided below for brainwashed morons and idiots living here and, POSSIBLY, abroad, as well.

So, I add this link as a public SERVICE primarily intended for those above.

I appreciate their service BECAUSE, personally, I have neither time, inclination, nor, resource, to go thru what TO ME seems like an obvious and intellectually tedious process.


ALSO, I do NOT possess ANY Arab language skills nor easy access to translation services, so, not being able to draw upon a WIDE range of sources, ANY REPORTING, CRITIQUE, on MY part, would, by definition, be limited, incomplete, unsatisfactory, adding nothing.

HOWEVER, MY one and only footnote to following.

I ALWAYS know/assume political interests LEAN heavily on State run Al-Ahram, in particular, English language section for what are TO ME obvious reasons.
It is a given fact of life.

But, understanding that full well, nonetheless, I am able to read through and/or discount what is TO ME obvious propaganda, disinformation, spin, and get information BETTER than anything provided HERE.

DIS-information REFLECTS and BROADCASTS information IF one KNOWS HOW to read and interpret it.
As they mention below, OBVIOUS spin often becomes somewhat its own caricature, transparent and COMICAL gyrations to avoid heavy handed censorship.

So, without further ado, LINK:

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