Sunday, August 25, 2013


A caveat before reading above/below.

I thoroughly DISAGREE with CHARACTERIZATION BELOW extending and perpetuating Cold War propaganda garbage regarding post WWII Berlin airlifts.

As a matter of fact, ALL CURRENT nauseating, sickening, repulsive, developments NOW relate backwards DIRECTLY to USSR dissolution, POST WWII NOT-SO-COLD COVERT AND OVERT MILITARY ACTIONS, THREATS, INFILTRATION, INTERVENTIONS!!

ALSO, as mentioned, altho NOT EXPLICITLY STATED, in ARTICLE (embedded link) BELOW, IMF=US taxpayer dollars, DEBT debacle, circus, stimulus, gifts, subsidies, boondoggle, so-called "quantitative easing," since US being LARGEST IMF donor.

Speaking of which, NEXT US SPORT spectacle on Fall agenda--Congressional boxing match DEBT debate, debut, preceding 2014 US mid-term s-election process, charade.

My advice.

Pay NO heed to ANY of it/them--just more political theatre, posturing, ENTERTAINMENT, like RECENT DEMOCRAT and AFL-CIA LABOR SPONSORED Washington rallies, events.

NAZI Rockefeller Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan CIA puppet Obooma TRASH Administration installed to achieve a GRAND DEBT BARGAIN, BUT, alittle while back, NOT successful thanks to partisan posturing, bickering, impediments.

A BLAME GAME ensues.

Shakespearean script, roles divided. 

The play MUST go on.

It's like sports, gladiators, but, different teams.
Same game and goals, utilizing clever, dirty, tricks, tactics, magic, sleight of hand, voodoo, etc.

Winner takes all.

Change places and rotate.

So, Europe NOW to FIGHT AMONGST THEMSELVES, once AGAIN, which REALLY is what it ALL is about BELOW from no-longer-Great Britain to major and minor continental players, spheres of influence, on a resuscitated Great Game Grand Eurasian Chessboard.

Every man/country/woman for THEMSELVES!!

Shades of WWI, from which, of course, birthed a RUSSIAN BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION!!

Survival of the fittest, strongest, most criminal, corrupt, troglodytes, sociopaths, psychopaths, barbarians, reptilian and lame brain, etc., a la Brecht, a very, very, OLD, ancient, tired game.

Evolution's finest represented!!:

Finally, I decided to highlight an earlier post and depiction I did if not more characteristic NOW as then since ALL continue THEIR downward trajectory spiral, descending to THE lowest common denominator possible, a bottomless decomposing NAZI sink hole, pit, quagmire, of UNPRINCIPLED denial, collaboration, appeasement, partnership, cynical hypocrisy, opportunism, "identity politics and leadership."

Important to remember.
OFFICIAL ideology HERE invalidates CLASS as a basic, fundamental, HISTORICAL CATEGORY.

CLASS just doesn't exist.
Poof, gone!!
Transcended, supplanted, replaced, instead, by manufactured, exacerbated, IDENTITY politics, Horatio Alger mythologies, American exceptionalism, etc.

Anything and everything thrown in including kitchen sink for good measure, except CLASS analysis.

Thus, NO commemorative marches, anniversaries, celebrations, for ANY of those mentioned below:

Lastly, a minor housekeeping note to an earlier post, just below.

Egypt Al-Ahram NOW available at MY end, once again.
But, "to what or whose avail and purpose?" I ask.
Seems to ME more propaganda, self-censorship, suppression, exercised or exorcised.

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