Saturday, August 3, 2013


I had an all too SHORT, self-imposed, reprieve, respite, away from following MORBID NAZI GLOBAL AXIS atrocities, horrors, terror, intimidation, Murder Inc., dirt, filth, muck, presently OCCUPYING most EVERY CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT in existence.

So, when I catch up first thing hits my eye is an EGYPT labor report, heading, below, FLOWING FROM EARLIER POSTS I did on SAME subject matter.

I post a FEW of those earlier entries for reference at bottom of today's entry.

ANYTIME I/one sees, hears, names, words, descriptions, like "FREE and/or INDEPENDENT" describing labor, trade, union/s, your/my/one's antenna should go INSTANTLY way UP in the air like a bee because all signal BUZZWORDS.

Free, independent, of WHAT/WHOM??

It makes me wonder WHAT exactly, precisely, are/were our many, various, diplomats, government reps, REALLY doing in a recent flurry of Egypt visits??:

Finally, as promised above, a FEW early reminders from previous posts I did on THIS subject matter.

It seems, however, another case of SOME, but, fortunately, not all, Darwinian MISSING PERTINENT LINKS, ones no longer working, conveniently, like people, DISAPPEARED!!

But, follow BACKWARDS MY embedded post links where, FORTUNATELY, I REPRODUCE A FEW PERTINENT PARAGRAPHS, perhaps, presciently knowing certain information MIGHT become, like people, amongst the disappeared and extinct:


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