Monday, August 19, 2013


Troglodyte being much too kind a description for barbaric NAZI invading hordes.

Important to remember WHY entire continents go up in flames, along with many thousands of Mideast refugees fleeing BOTH to and from Iraq and Syria, pushed like mice in a maze from one to another area!!

But, for this moment, I focus ONLY on Egypt.

In MY entry below follow BACKWARDS embedded links from earlier posts I did concerning ISRAEL, SHESHINSKI COMMITTEE, EGYPT EMG, MUBARAK sweetheart gas deal, subsequent developments, warnings, threats and tortured convolutions.


Finally, a small apropos postscript for post TITLE above.

Helmer has on his website a nice photo, caption, commemoration and quote from a former USSR General, link below.

One caveat.

I feel compelled to add, however, I do NOT, for an instance or fraction of a second, believe any official story about his committing suicide.

I do NOT know anything about this General, but, I stand by MY assertion above.


BECAUSE a perplexing question to ME ALWAYS was and remains WHY a USSR Yeltsin sponsored COUP happened when CIA HIRED help Gorby did EVERYTHING "they" desired of him??

Someone answered my question for me, accidentally.

They/he explained to me that Gorby was about to be overthrown PRECISELY because of what he was, or, was not, doing SO an URGENT, immediate, MILITARY response, intervention, Yeltsin COUP, deemed necessary to eliminate Gorby ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE OPPOSED to his policies.

Thus, I conclude, SURMISE, General named below MAY have been an impediment and entire NARRATIVE as presented below to be a FICTIONAL one.

Above being MY ABBREVIATED speculation, explanation, to an otherwise complicated story:

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