Monday, August 26, 2013


...For answer to heading above see video link below.

Could NOT resist posting ONE SAMPLE of this sort of abundant material which SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.

Much more available online.

So much I COULD say, but, will not.

I bite my tongue, preferring instead to allow YOU vicariously to immerse and marinate yourselves in a thrilling, surreal, experience.

After viewing, I ask only one question.
Can fiction, satire, caricature, possibly compete with reality??

No atrocities, guns, bombs, torture, mutilation, death, destruction, starvation, refugees, etc., represented below.

Very "cultured, civilized, clean."

The rest of you all, yawl, simply being cannon fodder, collateral damage, useless eaters, replaceable parts, etc.

I notice, too, all speak an international monetary language, that of a GREEN dollar.

So, those NOT THEIR victims can aspire to professional careers as below aside from operatives and trained mercenaries, killers:

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