Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Adding to my earlier entry today (see post just below) on a MEXICAN track, along with CURRENT THEMATIC ASSOCIATIONS, another previous post I did from August, 2011, regarding FORMER MEXICO STATE ENERGY/OIL PEMEX and its PRIVATIZATION.

An EMBEDDED LINK about PEMEX in context below, along with other material much RELATED to our current s-election cycle.

Interestingly, when returning to MANY previous posts I do on particular topics, names, associations, subject matter, links previously used seem magically to DISAPPEAR from websites one may NOT imagine CONTROLLED, i.e., nominally independent, opposition groups, organizations, investigative journalism, etc.

I have some examples to which I will refer at a later point, not right now.

A COMMERCIAL WEBSITE link in the entry below regarding PEMEX and another one from same website regarding EXXON, STILL available, along with a Citigroup link, again, from another commercial website.

When links on certain topics, content, names, associations, to which I refer above manage to VANISH CONSISTENTLY from nominally independent websites, it tells me something about those people, groups, organizations, websites, namely, they are NOT independent as they represent themselves. 

Someone ON THE INSIDE is compromised, infiltrated, in collusion, paid, a front.

So, ONLY certain material gets posted and other pertinent information manages to disappear soon thereafter if, by chance, accident, it HAPPENS to be published in the first place.

They are instructed simply to DELETE.

Either that or the material is deleted from OUTSIDE.

But, IF it is externally edited, deleted, it would seem to ME these folks would OBJECT, KNOW what is happening to their websites, and, PROTEST, SAY SOMETHING!

So, without further adieu, tangential distraction, returning to the subject matter at hand:

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