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In earlier, previous, posts I mention I have HUNDREDS of PRINT articles, hard copies, from FORMER WSJ topics such as that represented above/below along with MANY OTHER PLACES ABROAD subsequent to USSR dissolution and I EXCERPT from a FEW of them as best I can.


Since Mexico being in the news ALOT at the moment as a consequence of Trump's campaign, I thought to excerpt just ONE more WSJ article from my print files from FEB 2, 1997.

First, before I do that, I must offer apologies regarding previous WSJ articles from which I extracted copy BECAUSE I did NOT enter a byline for any of them.

It definitely was MY oversight, mistake.
The ONLY excuse I offer is that I TYPE ALL content, text, extract it MYSELF, and, I am/was generally RUSHED doing so.
It is labor intensive, takes TIME.
I WOULD go back and enter bylines BUT I NO LONGER HAVE PRINT COPIES of articles from which I previously quoted, extracted.
I threw away hard copies after posting!!
I APOLOGIZE and OFFER ANYONE reading my entries to redress the situation IF they happen to KNOW JOURNALIST NAMES for those who WROTE articles from which I quote previously, forward it/them to me and I will be happy to return to the article to put in a BYLINE.

That's the best I can offer given existing circumstances.


So, for the following, AGAIN, FROM WALL ST. JOURNAL, FEBRUARY 2, 1997:


BY LAURIE HAYS, Staff reporter

"....Little Laredo National [bank], with $1.77 billion in assets, has been swept up in a seemingly endless investigation in at least five countries into how Raul Salinas de Gortari, the brother of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, amassed a fortune of over $120 million.  
A US Grand Jury is examining, among other things, whether CITICORP violated US moneylaundering laws by helping Raul Salinas funnel his millions out of Mexico...
....Citibank also denies it broke any laws....
.....Mr. Hank Rhon [one of Mexico's richest businessmen] introduced Mr. Salinas to Citibank and contributed the intial $2 million Mr. Salinas used to open a Swiss trust account administered by Citibank....
....Last month, US Rep. Henry Gonzalez (D. Texas) urged the House Banking Committee  to launch an inquiry into the cash surplus routinely reported by some Texas banks...the surplus represents the difference between the cash the Federal Reserve supplies and what the banks collect...
....In a Jan 10 letter to the Banking Committee Chairman James A. Leach, Mr. Gonzalez wrote that "many law enforcement sources believe that such surpluses are in large part the result of money-laundering activity..."
....Hank the eldest surviving son of Carlos Hank Gonzalez, a senior figure in the ruling IRP who became one of Latin America's richest men by building a business empire at the same time he held important government posts...
....Hank Rhon...runs most of his family's business empire, including Aralmex, S.A., a maker of shock absorbers owned partly by GM Corp's Delphi unit; Grupo Financiero Interaciones, a Mexican investment bank and brokerage; and Grupo Cherry, a maker of industrial steam boilers which includes minority partners Mitsubishi Group of Japan and Swiss-Swedish electrical engineering company Asea Brown Boveri AG.
A Hank Rhon industrial holding company is part of a consortium led by AES Corp of Arlington, VA, that last month won the bidding to build and operate a major power plant in Merida, Mexico..."

I can NOT type ENTIRE content of these articles BUT a bit more info does exist.
However, I try HIGHLIGHTING as much of the pertinent details as possible.
Earlier WSJ archives are NOT available online to ME, at least, to be able to link to them, unfortunately.

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