Monday, March 21, 2016


The following is ANECDOTAL.
Generally, I NEVER use anecdotal information in my posts.
But, timing was SO coincidentally extraordinary that I found this ONE exception irresistible.
So, consider it a minor indulgence on MY part.
It is MY blog, I am INDEPENDENT, thus, I CAN do whatever I want.

On the very day our NAZI OBOOMA CIA REGIME descended upon Cuba, which I call, a CIA Invasion, featured prominently in the media, TODAY, I happened to come upon an ELDERLY gentlemen whom I know ONLY by sight lugging behind him a suitcase in the very wee hours of the morning.
He looked exhausted, bedraggled, fatigued, drained, white, ashen.
I KNOW nothing about him PERSONALLY.
He's just a mildly familiar face in a crowd.
He was narrating to a nearby third person who helped him his harrowing experiences with AIRLINES, return flights, connections, terminals, inspections, endless delays, etc.

Then, out of curiosity, I interjected and asked him what was his point of origin?
CUBA, he answered!!

That was quite an unexpected surprise on MY part.
I replied to him, Cuba is crawling with CIA personnel at this very moment.

He answered MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, paraphrasing him as best I can:

"YES, it is HORRIBLE. 

And, then, he added at the last minute, before he left, and, this time I QUOTE EXACTLY, PRECISELY, WHAT HE SAID.
These are NOT my words, paraphrase, or, editorial commentary.
I note it BECAUSE I was SHOCKED, MYSELF, by his candidness:


That was his departing comment to me upon continuing his final leg in an apparently Homeric journey home.

I HOPE, PLAN, next time IF/WHEN I HAPPEN to see him around, somewhere, to ASK more, to find out WHAT HE WAS DOING in Cuba.

Was he just an American tourist who HAPPENED to be there when the CIA invasion occurred??

Even IF I knew his name and identity I would NOT disclose it publicly for his own sake and security.

But, I know NOTHING about him anyway other than a mildly familiar neighborhood face.
It was all happen chance.

And, an irresistible anecdotal commentary.

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