Wednesday, March 30, 2016


First, while NOT in news HERE, an update on a SIGNIFICANT Israel/American GAS deal I follow for a LONG time, namely, proposed ISRAEL/AMERICAN NOBLE ENERGY OFFSHORE LEVIATHAN GAS project.

OF COURSE, ENERGY, or, for that matter, anything else, NATIONALIZATION OFF THE TABLE for discussion and/or certainly action, there, here, everywhere, NOT DIRECTLY articulated as an option in report below, altho, it SEEMS to me, obliquely implied as a POSSIBILITY??
Am I reading it, or, into it, correctly??
Extracted paragraph first, below.

Apparently, from what I notice in OTHER articles below, STATE ELECTRICITY UNDER PRESSURE FOR PRIVATIZATION ALSO.

No surprise.

After a very BRIEF update on subject matter above, I will, ONCE MORE, link to a previous entry from 2011 which I THINK nicely encapsulates, emblematic of, the SORT OF BARGAINING position, extortion, racketeering, economic blackmail, quid pro quo, to which TRUMP MYSTERIOUSLY alludes when renegotiating trade deals on a COUNTRY BY COUNTRY basis, or, as HE calls it, the "art of the deal."

"...The stability clause is the most controversial section of the agreement, under which the state promises to make no substantial regulatory changes in the gas industry in the next 10 years, in particular in taxation, exports and ownership of the fields..."


NEXT, earlier post:

NO problem IF Trump decides to exit, renegotiate, the IMF, NATO, WTO, or, any other INTERNATIONAL NAZI CARTEL as represented by our CURRENT ROCKEFELLER CITIGROUP/EXXON/MORGAN,, NAZI/CIA/NSA Administration.

That would be just fine with me.

Like I said, Trump OPENS a door, a beginning, NOT an end.

DIFFERENT economic interests to prevail at the top of a NAZI global dung heap, piles of PRIVATE excrement, commercial garbage, crap, including much of a PRIVATELY expropriated internet and broadband service STILL with a few, 2-3, billion, people GLOBALLY living WELL below ANY sort of official poverty standard without THE most basic, fundamental, decent, ingredients of life so easily remedied, provided, if NOT for a "profit incentive."

Related to above subject matter, you MAY recall many earlier posts I did referring to a hidden POWER behind the elected throne in Israel, namely, STANLEY FISCHER of NAZI CITIGROUP FAME, FORMERLY Governor of the Bank of Israel, AND, NOW PRIMARY FORCE BEHIND FED RESERVE LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD SWEET CHAIRWOMAN GRANDMA YELLEN busy reassuring MORE FREE MONEY, SUBSIDIES, for same NAZI FINANCIAL CARTEL represented here and abroad in the form of CONTINUED QE, STIMULUS, DEBT, ARTIFICIAL ASSET BUBBLES, including, but, not limited to, domestic real estate speculation, development, and, of course, stock market prices.

If you happened NOT to read my posts for a long time, ONE earlier entry I did on Stanley Fischer from 2013:

NOBODY here manages to find problems with ANY policies, names, interests, represented above, from Trump to Born Again Soros, Karl Rove, sponsored oxymoron Democratic Socialist Sanders, and, of course, their NAZI partnered labor unions.

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