Thursday, December 10, 2009


Turkey's Ambassador to the US suddenly resigned.
No explanation given beyond the following:

It definitely represents a significant indicator, but, the preceding says nothing about why.
I could, of course, speculate. But, I won't.
I will let others do it, instead.
I have my own thoughts.

Meanwhile, as promised, expected, anticipated, Russia's present Fascist Administration, "Putin, Medvedev and Company," plan to privatize more Russian state enterprises, available to foreign investment, of course, or, as I indicated in previous posts, re-privatizing, rearranging, shuffling the deckchairs on the boat.

It has been reported in numerous sources, but, I chose one link below arbitrarily.
This development was in the works for some time now, as I had on previous posts, so, it is NOT news really:

And, Helmer's website covers alot, but, not all, related matters.
( )
I assume Exxon will be included this time around.
And, a quid pro quo for Gazprom in the future in the US market or somewhere else.
But, never mind.
Who cares ANYWHERE about such things on the anti-Soviet, anti-Communist Left?
After all, these are the ripe fruits to be plucked for the taking off of the vine of liberation.
It's too bad Iraq has to suffer so much to achieve similar results.
But, then, Russians did go through their extraordinary sacrifices of WWII to save their revolution only to have their assets plundered, privatized now by Western sponsored oligarchs and a continued Fascist cabal represented above.
So, they were not spared either.
Of course, it is not necessary to have such extreme events here, because, there has been NO revolution of such consequence and sweeping magnitude as the Russian one to overturn.
Nothing here even remotely approaches the dimensions of the Russian Revolution and greater USSR, for sure.
Nor, subsequent events in Iraq, Egypt, the Middle East, Allende's Chile, Castro's Cuba, China, Africa, etc., predicated upon the outcome and events of WWII and the existence of the USSR.
There has been some progress, here, for sure, but, nothing on the scale above.
Even that tiny bit of progress, though, required restraint and, most, more important, NO support, collaboration or recognition of/by/for the USSR, since the US, by historical default and accident upon post WWII European collapse, inherited the globe's post war mantle of NAZI/Fascist counter-revolutionary leadership, i.e, so-called Cold War, quite active and hot in most places.
And, so, now, here we all are, enjoying the fruits of liberation, collaboration, cooperation.
It is THOSE, above, along with Unser NAZI Fuhrer Obooma, who should be given the Nobel Peace Prize. After all, it is/was a collaborative effort.

Finally, IF there is to be ANY positive, progressive future for our present day United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Dictatorship, then, the people following are the ONLY ones who can POSSIBLY make or help it happen. They and others like Sal Rosselli and his NUHW.
( )
They represent the future.

Note their unequivocal position below regarding UNIVERSAL SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE.

But, first, they must challenge and break the Fascist bonds of their parent, national AFL-CIA leadership umbrella organization and its reactionary, counter-revolutionary, class collaborative policies, which they do by establishing this new union to contest power.
Additionally, our AFL-CIA FRONT grouping known as USLAW, US Labor Against War is really a collaboration, continuum with War objectives, i.e, privatization.
Disassociation with them, discreditation and exposure is imperative.
Only one action is needed to stop ALL OR ANY of our military adventures abroad, namely, END taxpayer SUBSIDIZED Congressional military FUNDING.
AND, NO ADDITIONAL taxpayer subsidies, gifts, giveaways, boondoggles for ANY AND ALL private corporations.

Instead, their liquidation, prosecution and asset nationalization.

So, those below and above are going to need ALL the help, cooperation and support they can get in achieving any or all of these goals.
If they remain focused on narrow economic issues ONLY to the exclusion of the above, then, forget them and it.
They, and, we, will be destroyed and self-destruct and nothing will change SINCE THEY, THEMSELVES, partner in their own demise, enabling and SUBSIDIZING PRIVATE capital flight and its industrial investment, expansion and resource development, along with its generally concomitant, exploited, cheap, depressed, COMPETITIVE, as opposed to cooperative, labor source ABROAD.
Thus, they/we ALLOW and actively permit ourselves to lose their/our own industry, power, resources and leverage at home.
They/we become a totally irrelevant, meaningless labor redundancy, a global economic backwater, useless eaters, which, already they/we are:

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